Review - Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eyeshadow Palette

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You know those palettes that you just know you need from the moment a brand hints to it?

This was one of those. Be it a great mix of colors or a whole lot of witty marketing and packaging - and it was probably both - I was very drawn to this from the get go.

While this isn't my first Too Faced palette by any means, it does have it's differences - and in all honesty, these differences show improvement.

The packaging is rather cute - gold with black ribbons. Kinda edgy but still cute and girly.

The palette houses 10 shades total - two mattes, two glitters, one duochrome and five shimmers.

As with all of Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes, this one comes with a insert that has three step by step how-to's for three separate looks using this palette.

...and a quote pertaining to the theme of the palette, which was nice.

The packaging is actually rather nice - it feels a lot like the Urban Decay Naked Palette in the fact that it is slightly magnetized at the lid. Its also not too incredibly thick, which is really nice for storage reasons.

In terms of organization, most of the neutrals are toward the left side of the palette, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of organization to it in terms of looks.

So - finally - swatches!

The top row, from left to right, is; 

- Dainty - I swear its there! Its actually literally nearly the exact color of my skin. Its completely matte and works great as a brow highlight or an all over base shade - its really natural. Despite the swatch, it actually has great pigmentation and was super easy to work with.
- Charming - This one is a matte cool, dark brown that is actually pretty freaking fantastic! Its super pigmented and not the least bit chalky.
- Girly - Girly is a brownish/green duochrome. Its not the most dramatic duochrome I worked with, but its really nice to have something in the palette thats almost a neutral, but not really. I'm interested in trying this with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to see if that plays up the duo chrome a bit more
- Totally Fetch - If you put a Mean Girls reference in a palette, I'm going to buy it. This one is a bright, hot pink with a shimmer finish. It actually performs much better and truer to pan than most shadows of the same color. It was nice to see the same color on my eye that was in the pan.
- Miss Sparkles - This one is a black with silver microglitter. Nothing groundbreaking - I have so many of these from random palettes. However, the lack of fallout I experienced from this one was incredibly impressive.

And the bottom row, from left to right are;

- Ringleader - A rosy champagne with a shimmer finish. These kind of shades are ones that I will get a whole lot of use out of.
- Gangsta - Again, loving the name. This one is a medium cool brown with a strong sheen to it. It has great pigmentation and is super easy to work with.
- Instigator - From the swatch, it doesn't look like its really anything to write home about, but when you apply this with a flat brush or over a base...its ridiculous! I LOVE this one.
- Badass - This one has me having mixed feelings. While I love that its a blue but not a blue at the same time and that there's hardly any fallout with this one, its just not the easiest to work with and it tends to kind of overblend to where it loses its uniqueness. But it is, for lack of a better term, a pretty badass color.
- Jailbird - Apparently Too Faced does metallic shades well. This one is on par with Instigator. I love it.

Overall - 

Pros - 

- Pretty great pigmentation across the board.
- Good mix of colors.
- Easy to store packaging/magnetized lid.
- No duds!
- Glitter shades have minimal fallout.

Cons - 

- A lighter brown highlight would be super helpful!

I'm not gonna lie - I kind of ran out to get this before I did all too much research. I was definitely pleased to see that this one actually rocks!


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