Review - Rimmel London Scadaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Taupe

Monday, March 18, 2013

If its taupe, I need it. When I saw this shade debut, I was thrilled. I don't have a liner in my collection like it.

Do you know how many drugstores I went to before I found this? Ugh.

After a thorough testing, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't a holy grail, but it has its place in my collection.

The shade of this eyeliner is actually true to its name. Its not gray, and its not brown. Its actually taupe. If you were to use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe in a liner, this is what you would get. I ADORE the color of this liner. It is very flattering on my skin.

I very rarely wear liner on my upper lash line unless it is a liquid liner or a very sturdy gel, so I did not test this as such. I have big eyes, so I can pull off having any degree of liner on my waterline without making my eyes look too small.  On the waterline, this wasn't the 100% most pigmented shade in my collection, but it very much accentuated my lower lashline while depositing a smaller amount of color on the waterline itself. The outcome was actually beautiful. I had a slight brightness to my inner waterline, but I didn't have to go as far as lining under my lashline. It almost looked like it was in between each and every lash. It gave me a nice, subtle definition, while taking a step away from my usual bold black liner. The wear time in turn was actually pretty great. It didn't migrate, and it lasted all day.



- Unique finish on the waterline.
- Newer take on a neutral eye.
- Great wear time.


- Not 100% pigmented on the waterline, but not in a dealbreaking manner.

I really like this product; I find myself reaching for it when I wan't a little less drama or a huge doe eyed effect. I already have this in Deep Blue, which is awaiting test, and every time I see someone swatch Light Blue I just really want to try it, even though it is WAY out of my comfort zone. 



  1. I have this liner in Nude and I really like it. I want to get Taupe, but it's always sold out! I'm glad you like it well enough.

    1. I'm considering getting it in Nude as well, especially since my nude pencil from The Body Shop was such a dud. I see why this one is always sold out. Its pretty bomb.

  2. I wonder what one uses taupe for though? It just seems so light for upper lash line, and too dark for inner lining?

    1. It was one of those liners that added only subtle definition to the lower waterline. Very natural looking, but it was there (if that makes sense, lol)


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