ELF 12 Piece Nail Collection for Holiday 2013 - Swatches and First Impressions.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm alive - I swear. Its been a heck of a couple weeks here. I've got a whole lot to blog about too! The problem is simply getting more than 5 minutes at a computer...

Last year, my mother gave me the ELF Holiday Nail Collection for Christmas, so when I saw this year's version at Walgreens today...I basically had to. Great value and great shades.

I was able to swatch all of them out for you all and I'll include my thoughts on each shade in order.

The packaging of these was the same as last year - minus two shades. There were 14 in last year's collection.

The color story of this years kit was a bit different as well. The tops are all white - versus black - and it's overall a bit rosier than last years taupe feel.

Starting in the lower left and going clockwise these are:

- Wedding Bells: This shade is a very fair pinky nude. It took three coats to even out patchiness.

- Desert Haze: This is my favorite kind of nude shade. Its definitely a cooler toned nude with gray tones. This was two coats and this shade is permanently available.

- Nude: A very rosy nude. Reminds me a lot of Expresso by Sally Hansen. This one was 2 coats and is available in the permanent range.

- Prissy Chrissy: If you mixed a nude with a light orange, this would be the shade you get. It looks very warm against my skin. It took 3 coats for full opacity and is available permanently.

- Blush: Rose gold - Basically everybody's favorite this fall! Its not quite as powerful as other rose gold polishes in my collection and took about three coats to build up completely. 

- Gold Star: This shade is a repeat from last year's collection, but I find this one much easier to work with. Far less thick and has a better distribution of glitters. The swatch shows three coats and the shade is also available in the permanent line. 

- Smokin' Hot: A bright, reddish fuchsia and was good in two coats. This is also available permanently.

- Raspberry Sorbet: This is more of a true fuchsia with cooler tones. Two coats, no trouble and available permanently. 

- Purple Pleaser: Probably one of my favorite shades of the bunch. Its a deep berry shade that reminds me of like eight different lipsticks that I own - so expect some matching lips and tips! This almost didn't need a second coat, but I included one for good measure. 

- Sea Escape: This is another repeat from last year. Its a really dark blackened blue base with teal shimmer in it and is actually really pretty. This took two coats to hit opacity and is a permanently available shade.

- Purple Dream: I have a theory that a shiny topcoat will bring out the duo-chrome to this shade quite a bit. Its a medium purple with a pinkish shift to it and looks really pretty in the bottle too! Also a permanent shade.

- Gina Girl: This shade is a purple-y jelly base with purple and silver glitters. The varying sizes of the glitters make this one very fun. This is a permanently available shade.

I picked this up on a whim, and I'm not all to upset that I did so. I love how many neutrals are available in this kit and I'll definitely be getting some use out of them - Though, that Purple Pleaser, man. GORGEOUS. 

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