Clinique Haul feat. Clinique Bonus GWP

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I stopped into Dillards to pick up one thing; Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. I left with much more than that. I'm normally not a sucker for GWP promotions but this one was actually a pretty great deal.

I started with the Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which I've wanted for a while. This shade is touted to flatter nearly all skin tones. Its a classic shade; my grandmother and I were actually bonding about our mutual love for it the other day. To hit (and exceed) the $25 range for the free GWP I picked up a blush in Iced Lotus which is a pale, cool toned mauve. 

The GWP (a $65 value)  is exclusive to Dillards and though it does not give a specific expiration date, it does note "supplies are limited". I work for another company that often does GWP promotions and they tend to go quite fast across the board.

There are two different choices of GWPs, one being  the "Pinks" and the other being the "Violets". Not very surprisingly, I chose the "Violets".

The bag is actually a decent size; its a bit bigger than my other makeup bags. I always have a need for them and I think the pattern is cute. Its all spring-y; I may rotate this one into my purse for this season.

The bag includes travel sized options for the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, the Liquid Facial Soap - Mild, the Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer, the Lash Doubling Mascara in Black, a small palette with a Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Beach Plum and Blush in Mocha Pink and a Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace.

All of these products are available in full size and separately. I've previously used the Liquid Facial Soap and remember loving it, so I'll probably blow through that. I will post reviews as quickly as I can!


  1. Wow that's a great gift with purchase! I'd really like to see a full review of the Black Honey lipstick, I've considered it but wasn't sure if I wanted to drop $15 on it. I only tried my first Clinique product a few weeks ago, the Bottom Lash mascara, and I really liked it!

    1. I'll have that review up for you sometime this week, hopefully! I really like it because its different than what I normally go for. Oh, and I saw your review of the Bottom Lash mascara and I'm seriously considering purchasing it!

    2. Thanks in advance! I hope Bottom Lash works out for if you try it!


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