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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some people have all the luck with nail a general rule, I am not one of those people. I don't know if it is my naturally thin, brittle nails or my body chemistry in general; but nothing short of salon acrylic nails will ever last more than a few days on me. It actually royally sucks.

To throw another wrench into the equation, I work backroom stock for a popular retailer - which isn't a job that is easy on the nails. I deal with so many cardboard boxes a day and when you mix that with heavy lifting, using cleaning chemicals and generally working a maniac it makes for a very short lived mani...

I say all of this to convey that just because a nail product doesn't last forever on me, it doesn't exactly mean it won't on you. I'm just incredibly rough on my poor little nails.

Influenster sent me these last week and I took advantage of having a day off on Monday, so I decided to put these on Sunday afternoon. They're just SO. DARN. CUTE.

I'm just going to note right here that I think the packaging is adorable. Little nails in a package that looks like a bottle of nail polish?? I almost didn't want to open them for that reason! The carton claims that the product "lasts up to a week*" but I couldn't find where the explanation for the asterisk was. I could just be terribly blind (which is usually the case) but I also didn't think it was a ridiculously long claim either.

Inside the carton is the "bottle" as well as a prep pad, which I believe was just a wet towelette with isopropyl alcohol. It was nice to be included so I didn't have to go find my own to prep the nail (lazy? maybe). There are also 24 nails included in the bottle - 12 sizes with 2 of each size. I did not have a problem finding the right fit for each of my nails, and I have quite petite hands (we'll talk about this later...). Each nail has a very small number from 1-12 on the underside tip to make sure you have it's buddy on the opposite hand if needed.

Hundreds of cardboard boxes a week = please don't judge my cuticles. They need love...

The application of this product was actually quite easy. On the box it notes to save thumbs for last...this is important. What you do is you peel off the backing to uncover the adhesive that holds this glue free nail to your actual nail. The film backing is on there pretty snug, so it takes a little elbow grease - which is why the thumbs are important. Next, you press the middle of the nail down onto your nail firmly and then press the sides firmly on as well. Also, avoid water for 30 minutes to allow the adhesive to grip the nail completely.

I applied these Sunday afternoon and the first nail came off early Tuesday morning on my way to work. At work while processing shipment, I broke a remaining seven and pulled the last two off on my break because I looked plain silly. The last product I tried of the like was from Revlon and I had about the same wear time.

I really do like the way these look. They have an adorable design and a nice gloss to them. I also like the thickness to them - they looked about the thickness that acrylic nails normally do. These were also in the short length category, but since I'm simply not used to having long nails, they didn't seem all too short to me! You know how when you put socks on dogs and they walk funny? That's basically me faux nails.

The way I see it, if you have a special occasion or fare well with nail polishes and other nail products having a good lasting time, these are a good option. Especially for the special occasion part. I may pick up some of these the next time I have a job interview or function that requires me to actually deal with my nails. In the short time they stayed on me, they looked really cute! The brand also has a good selection of colors (which can be seen here) and I've seen these already at my local drugstores. 

Long story very short - they are a yes and a no for me. Yes, for a short term option that looks polished and chic, but no if you're expecting to have these on for a great deal of time.

Oh, and the "petite hands". Every single time I see this commercial, I think of myself...enjoy!

* NOTE - The product in this post has been provided to me free for review from Influenster. If you have any questions, visit my disclosure page*

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