Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatch-A-Palooza!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Revlon's standout products would most definitely have to be their lip products. For the most part, the brand can boast not only great formulas (if we just forget the Suedes...ick!), but pretty wide shade ranges - there's literally colors for anyone!

When I first started out with drugstore lip products, Revlon was the brand that I really gravitated toward. In all honesty, I think it set the bar high from the get go for me, especially with the Super Lustrous Lipsticks. There's a reason why this line has been around for ages.

To dive right in, I've swatched my entire collection of the Super Lustrous Lipstick line by finish, and I'll provide my thoughts along the way!

Super Lustrous Shines -

The Shines range is the newest addition to Revlon's Super Lustrous line, and were released about the middle of last year I believe, along with the repackaged and reformulated Super Lustrous Gloss. The shines are meant to be sheer lipsticks with a glossy finish, but that have a thinner texture than Lip Butters. The most similar comparison I have is shades like Roman Holiday from Nars. They have a translucency to them that is almost gel like. I have;

- Lover's Coral: I may or may not have purchased this one for the name, because it's just too cute! This is the closest I can get to Corals/Oranges, because while this shade is still quite warm and orange toned it also has a sheerness to it that is quite wearable.

- Pink Cognito: This is one of those "keep in your bag" lipsticks that goes with everything. I can wear this to look polished if I'm doing a super smokey eye and don't want my lips to look too overdone - but at the same time, I can throw this on if I'm running to the pharmacy in yoga pants and a messy bun because I forgot to pick up my prescription on the way home from work this AM (*cough, cough* today..) and look a little less like I've been up since 4AM. It just works with everything. 

- Berry Couture: This is my compliment getter of the three. We all know how I feel about darker lipsticks, and this is a sheerer take on that very thing. It's especially great if you want to get into the vampier lip trends, but want to ease yourself into it. I get asked what this is every single time I wear it.

Super Lustrous Mattes - 

Real talk, the Mattes in this line can be a touch hit or miss - but of the ones I have, the good does in fact outweigh the bad. This is definitely more emollient feeling of the matte formulas I've tried from other brands (and is definitely a whole lot better than the Suedes that Revlon tried to pass off as matte and longwearing), but they still don't have any shine or glossiness on the lip at all. I have; 

- Nude Attitude = Alright...its a concealer lip shade. I need more rosiness in my nudes to make them wearable for me. This is similar to MAC Myth, but a bit more yellow toned. I definitely need to use this with a gloss or a lip liner of a different shade to mix it and make it work for my skin. You win some and you lose some. The opacity is pretty great though!

- Pink Pout = This is most definitely my most worn of the mattes of the Super Lustrous range. It's a subtly cool toned light pink without being too baby pink and it really fares well with my complexion. I think this is one of their most popular mattes, and for good reason. It is also somewhat similar to MAC Pink Plaid.

-  Wine Not = I'm fairly certain that this one has been discontinued, as it is no longer on Revlon's website. Wine Not is a deep Bordeaux shade that is quite similar to MAC Diva in shade and finish. 

- Stormy Pink = I love the shade of this one; its a strong blue pink without being too overly bright. However, the formula on this one is lacking - quite patchy and powdery and emphasizes lip lines and dryness like a magnifying glass. Such a shame. 

- Smoked Peach = What a pain in the butt this one is to find! Goodness gracious. This shade is unique to everything in my collection, because while it is definitely strongly orange toned, it has a muted quality that makes it more wearable on my skin. The formula on this one is pretty great; nice and opaque but not too powdery.

- Sky Pink = I don't know why I thought shades like this looked good on me (i.e. NYX Strawberry Milk, etc.) but no. Just no. Don't get me wrong, I love pale pinks - but pale pinks like MAC Snob and Saint Germain and the aforementioned Revlon Pink Pout. The common denominator? Strong blue tones. I'm quite cool toned - almost too cool toned as my skin can get very pink, very quick! - and warmer pale pinks like this just don't flatter me. This shade also suffered from the formula issues that Stormy Pink did, but I'm not going to lie and say I shed a tear about it.

Super Lustrous Pearls - 

I'm not one for much frost, but some of the Pearl shades in this range have a really understated frost to them that really just appears on the lip as glossiness. I can't speak to the entire Pearl sub-range as I avoid some of the frostier looking shades, but the ones I have (minus one) wouldn't strike me as a Pearl finish if I wasn't already the wiser. I have;

- Violet Frenzy = One of my all time favorite Revlon lipsticks. It definitely is a deeper violet shade, but the translucency of this shade is what makes it so wearable. Applied lightly and its almost like one of those "popsicle stain" shades, but it does build up on itself well without having too much slip to it. A very easy shade to wear, given how intimidating it looks in the tube.

- Cherry Blossom = Did the name of this one have a big part in my choice? Probably. It is a bright cherry shade (no?!) and really doesn't have any detectable pearl to it, in my opinion. Very, very similar to Cherries in the Snow, which is one of Revlon's most iconic and oldest shades still in circulation.

- Gentlemen Prefer Pink = I think this was my first lipstick of the entire Super Lustrous range and yes, the name of this one probably had a lot to do with it as well. Its a light to medium toned slightly cool pink that has a bit of a rosy quality. Again, no detectable pearl to this one as well.

- Porcelain Pink = Why did I buy this? Is it 1995? I think I liked the hue of this shade but just didn't realize how frosty and dated it was. Pretty shade, too much pearl.

- Fuchsia Fusion = You know those Fuchsia shades that feel more like a red fuchsia than a blueish fuchsia? This is one of them. Its definitely a unique one in my collection. The pearl to this one really just translates as shine rather than frost, and it cloud be a touch duo-chrome-y in certain lighting. This one is more opaque than the rest of the Pearls I've tried.

Super Lustrous Cremes -

Alright, we're going to be here for a minute. Can you tell my preferred finish in this line? Revlon just does a really great creme finish. Across the board, they're mostly opaque and incredibly smooth, but yet really don't slide around too much on the lip. And, if you're lucky enough to suit the brown-er lip shades without looking like you're channeling your inner Drew Barrymore circa 1993 (girl, I feel you. That trend just wasn't for girls of our pallor) then Revlon really does have a great range of those hues to choose from in the Creme line. I have;

- Cherries in the Snow = This shade has been around for 61, nearly 62 years! It was launched in 1953 and is still one of the highest selling shades in the range. The reason? Its so flattering on nearly any skin tone. It's definitely your bright, power red that tends to lean a touch pink. Cherry Blossom is very similar, but has a touch more pink and not nearly the cult following this shade has.

- Black Cherry = Again, another cult favorite. The shade is just as the name implies, a deep, blackened cherry shade. A colleague of mine counts this shade as her signature and it is absolutely stunning on her rich, deep skin tone (I think a MAC NC50) and even though my skin is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum I just had to have it. We need to start correlating when we're both going to wear it so we can wear it on the same day!

- Just Enough Buff = This shade is far more translucent than the remainder of the cremes, but it is a neutral toned nude that isn't too overly pale, at least against my fair skin tone. While I prefer rosier nudes, this one definitely does have its place.

- Berry Haute = Definitely a "me" color. This a more purple take on berry rather than a more red one, which makes it a pretty unique color. Many find this similar to MAC's Up The Amp, but in my opinion it is far more muted. I really enjoy this one.

- Va Va Violet = Another pain in the butt to find, but so worth it. A lot of my dark purple lipsticks are matte, so this having a creme finish really sets it apart from a shade family that I tend to, well, hoard. Va Va Violet is really multitasking shade as well; dab it on for a sheer stained look or apply over a lip liner and after a couple coats you've got a vampy, lacquered pout. I love it!

- Primrose = Another one of my favorite shades from Revlon; I actually just talked about this one in my March Favorites! It's literally the perfect pale pink that doesn't lean too overly cool or warm which makes it quite wearable across the board.

- Coralberry = I bought my sister this one a while back because she has warmer skin than I do and out of curiosity I tried it on and loved it, so I picked up one for myself. This is about as orange as I can comfortably go, thanks to the slight pink tones in this shade.

- Temptress = If Primrose is mostly neutral, Temptress is slightly warm. Being that it has enough depth to it, it actually looks quite nice on my lips with the right look.

- Fifth Avenue Red = Why is this guy by himself? This shade was recently re-released in a blast from the past collection that Revlon just put out, which was based on our votes to see what shades we wanted to see again! This shade is pretty much a universally flattering, only slightly blue toned red and was released originally in 1958! I'm sure I have very similar reds in my collection, but hey, it's vintage right?

Revlon has been around for 80+ years for a reason. It is a brand that has consistently delivered on great product and has a timeless way of captivating its customer. The great thing about the Super Lustrous line is there is literally something for everyone regardless of skin tone, age, anything! When you add quality to that, you can't go wrong!

If you've enjoyed this post, let me know as I am strongly considering doing the same for other brands if that is something that you all would like to see! Have a wonderful day/night, wherever you may be!

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