Review - Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzer SPF 15 in Reserve Your Cabana

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is it Friday yet? Because this hasn't exactly been my week. Between work being disappointingly slow and getting hit by sucky side effects from my medication and a (likely lack of caffeine induced) migraine yesterday, I couldn't get much of anything accomplished. Ugh!

On a lighter note, I picked up this "Bronzer" by Wet N Wild, which is really more of a highlighter - you'll see - and to put it lightly, its freaking awesome!

Drug facts are included on the back of the packaging, as this product contains SPF 15, as well as a Skin Cancer/Skin Aging warning (Thank You, Wet N Wild!).

The powder itself is embossed with the brand's name and a sun motif.

So the Reserve Your Cabana "Bronzer" really isn't much of a bronzer, but rather an incredibly pigmented highlighter. It does have warm tones to it, but not so incredibly warm that it looked unnatural against my skin - actually, rather the opposite. The powder is incredibly finely milled and soft, and the amount of pigmentation is spectacular. All I have to do is lightly dust a small, domed brush  to the surface and roll it across my cheekbones. 

One of my favorite things about this product is the natural finish to it. Yes, its incredibly pigmented - but it isn't all too frosty. Between the buttery texture and the fine sheen, it imparts such a believable sheen that I've probably reached for it a good 5 days out of the last week.

In all honesty, in a blind test - I probably would have mistaken this for something costing $30 rather than $4.

I've also yet to have any kind of issue with the packaging, as I've run into in the past with budget brands such as Wet N Wild, NYC, etc. The lid snaps shut nicely and doesn't feel all to flimsy.



- Great pigmentation.
- Buttery and finely milled.
- SPF 15.
- Large amount of product.
- Natural finish.


- None!

I'm quite the sucker for highlighters and illuminators, but when a product that sets me back a mere $4 works as great as gems like MAC Lightscapade and NARS Albatross? Lets just say I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll be picking up one of the actual Bronzers from this range to try it out.

You read that correctly. I am going to actually wear bronzer for once. Alert the presses! 

10/10 I'm definitely loving this!


  1. Wow! I was actually going to buy this the other day but decided against it, i'm pretty intimidated by highliters! I've literally just started getting into it :)

    1. This one is definitely one of the more subtle highlighters!


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