Review - Kat Von D Everlasting Blush in Bellisima

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Note - I received this product in a Deluxe Sample size as a Sephora 100 point perk.

You know when there are those makeup brands that you keep intending to try out but never get around to it? Thats how I am with Kat Von D's line for Sephora. Just looking at it, you can tell its definitely right up my alley, so why they heck have I not immersed myself in it yet? Given that situation, I felt that trying one of the blushes from the line would be a good place to start. And to be honest, it definitely draws me in and makes me want to try more products!

The packaging of mine will look different than the full size, which is housed in a plastic black compact with a tattoo-esque design.

Sephora describes Bellisima as a "peachy pink" which is pretty close - yet I find it just a touch more coral on my ever so fair skin. It gives off a nice warm, summery glow. Keep in mind, as I'll come back to this a bit later, its a very popular shade family, which makes it quite dupeable. 

The real showstopper of this blush is the formula. I was quite pleasantly surprised the first time I swatched this after I got it home - its incredibly soft! Without any overreacting, I feel that it may be one of the most finely milled blushes in my entire collection. Along with the soft texture, it lends a whole lot of pigment and blends out with no issue - definitely something to be desired in a pricier blush. It feels like it would be worth the $25, maybe even more.

In terms of longevity, it sticks around for the average on my skin - but it doesn't beat out my few long wearing blushes (but really, nothing does for me..). In short, its not going to last a 10 hour day, but its not going to be completely gone before lunch hour either.

The formula is really the focus of this product, rather than the shade - as I noted before, the hue itself is quite dupeable. I dug out three blushes that I felt it quite similar to, but in reality, it does lean a bit superior to them.

From left to right there are; Kat Von D Bellisima, Benefit Coralista and Milani Luminoso.

Bellisimma is the deepest and coolest toned of the three, while Coralista has a similar base shade, but the sheen to it makes it look a bit pinker and lighter. Luminoso is a bit warmer toned and does have a more glittery texture, so its not quite as smooth. On the cheeks, Luminoso looks the most similar to Bellisima, but in texture Coralista feels and applies more similarly. Luminoso may work if you can't get your hands on Bellisima or if you're not feeling the $25 price tag, but Bellisima superior across the board.

In terms of price, the full size of this blush isn't the most extravagant that I've come across. Keep in mind; a NARS blush contains 0.16oz of product - which would be $181.25 per whole ounce, which MAC blushes contain 0.21oz of product and retail for $21 - making this $100 per whole ounce. This blush retails for $25 for a whopping 0.25oz of product, making it the same price per ounce as a MAC blush. Definitely not the worst deal that I've come across - we all know how much I LOVE NARS blushes, so this one is a bit more palatable. 


Pros - 

- Incredible texture
- Great pigmentation
- Blends easily

Cons - 

- Could have a longer wear time
- Slightly dupeable

This blush, plain and simple, makes me want to try more of the Kat Von D line. Its a dream to work with and it feels like a great quality for what one would pay for it in the full size. As far as the shade range, I don't see anything all too unique, but I'll probably end up doing some swatching to see if theres any more that suit me, as the formula is really just phenomenal.


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  1. seems like it would look quite pretty on the cheeks!!


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