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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I received my long awaited Darling Girl Cosmetics haul yesterday, after my lovely post office miss-sent it! Boo! Don't you people know that such a small, unassuming package is filled to the brim with sparkly and duochrome-y goodness??!?

Lets not waste a second more, take a look at what I picked up!

I hauled six products in total - three shadows and three blushes/spectral shifts. The remainder are samples and a GWP!

Now for a closer look at each one and some swatches!

Blue Flame Eyeshadow

Muddy Waters Eyeshadow

Brocade Eyeshadow

Star Child Eyeshadow - GWP

Forget Me Nots Spectral Shift

April Showers Spectral Shift

Living Dead Gurl DuoChrome Blush

Raucous Eyeshadow - Sample

Equinox Eyeshadow - Sample

From left to right these are; 

- Blue Flame
- Muddy Waters
- Bracade
- Star Child
- Equinox
- Raucous (across the bottom)

As well as;

Forget Me Nots

Living Dead Gurl

April Showers

I'm super excited to start playing with these - I've actually already taken all swatch photos for individual reviews (both alone and with a mixing medium) so I'm ready to jump in at wear test them. The Duo-Chromes are definitely speaking to me, especially Blue Flame and both of the Spectral Shifts - but one of the samples is calling my name as well, because we all know that Darling Girl can execute a great metallic, and Equinox already swatches like a dream. 

Stay tuned, as I still have a bunch of reviews to bust out this week!

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