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Thursday, September 5, 2013

BFTE - Beauty From The Earth - is one of the most well known of the indie makeup brands, so I'm surprised that I'm just now hauling from them. As per usual, I decided on sample sizes so I could get a feel for the brand and their products.

One thing that stood out to me from the get go is their turn around time. I think I placed my order on Saturday, and already received it (its Thursday here) so needless to say, that was a pleasant surprise. In addition to the items I hauled, I also received a free sample of another shade.

I love the way indie products are packed and shipped. Always cutesy and fun. The sample I was given was inside the little card! And I'm not going to lie, the glitter from the tissue is EVERYWHERE. You may see it show up in swatches.

These are BFTE's sample sizes, which are in an average sized jar, but a good amount less than it holds. Some shades seem to have a bit more in them than others.

From left to right these are; Chantilly Lace, Spring Fever, Harvest, Kiss the Frog, Celtic Charms, Cocoa and (across the bottom) Lollipop Kid. All of these are shimmery, minus Kiss the Frog, which OMG..I can't even process how amazing it is. Another one of my favorites is Harvest, which has incredible pigmentation. I'm glad that I picked up this bunch, because its a good mix of staple shades and great fall shades as well!

I've got a lot of testing, playing and swatching on my hands so bear with me! I've got a couple other indie brand hauls that came in before this one, so I'm trying to tackle them in the order I hauled them..."trying" is the key word!

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  1. the shades are all so pretty! especially the gold/copper tone :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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