Buying Body Wash - Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul!

Monday, June 16, 2014

I don't need any more lotions or body mists. DON'T LET ME buy any more lotions or body mists.

However, I go through body washes and various soaps like it's my job - so I tend to haul the more...specialty brand body washes when they're at a hefty discount. I was on a soap fueled mission yesterday when I checked out Bath and Body Works' Summer Semi Annual Sale - so here's what I picked up!

- Cherry Blossom Shower Gel: This was just changed to an online exclusive last summer and is probably my favorite fragrance in the history of Bath and Body Works. Which means they of course are going to make it more difficult for me to access. Shocker. But I still have a substantial amount of body mist and body cream left in this one but I missed out on the body wash last summer. Yesterday, this was on special for $3 and the marketing said "TODAY ONLY!!!" but it's still listed as $3 online as of 6/16.

- Paris Amour Shower Gel: Yep. I feel like this and Sweet Pea are tied for my favorite fragrances in the brand's permanent line. I think I've already worked through a bottle of this in the past. This was the same pricing situation as Cherry Blossom yesterday, but is now listed as $5.50.

- Wild Citrus Sunflower Shower Gel: WILD FREAKING CITRUS SUNFLOWER. YAAASS. Okay - the year before last this was a summer fragrance that I fell head over heels for and then they repromoted every other fragrance last summer and made this one an online exclusive...of course. So I may have let out an audible gasp and beelined for this display when I saw it. I'm planning on wearing this today because its just so summery and wonderful. This was $4 yesterday, but is listed as $3 online today. Ah, well. It was worth the extra dollar.

- Wild Citrus Sunflower Body Lotion: Yes, this is the only exclusion to the no lotions rule. I have the body mist, and now the shower gel, so I needed to complete the collection. Just let me have this one, okay? Same pricing situation as the shower gel, which was strange.

- Coconut Lime Breeze Travel Size Shower Gel: I don't know why this little guy was on sale, because I can't find it on the site and the full sized one isn't discounted, but I really like this one! Definitely has some force to it, as well! I think this was somewhere around $1.75.

- Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom Travel Size Shower Gel: This is the only fragrance that I was really interested in from the spring collection, but I wasn't dedicated enough to get the full size. It pairs well with other fragrances, so I picked this up and although it is listed as $2.50 online I could have sworn I payed $1.75. 

I do regret waiting as long as I did to head on over to Bath and Body Works because I wanted to stock up on fragrance oils and scentportable refills, but they we're quite lacking by the time I arrived. I do regret not picking up a candle yesterday and may make a trip back - it's a thrilling saga, really. I HATED Watermelon Lemonade last year and for some reason I am completely enamored with it this time around! It's listed as half off right now, so it's probably a sign that I should jump at it - but otherwise, I'm pretty stocked up until next time!

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