Review - Maybelline Limited Edition ColorSensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Flash of Pink.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

With all of these new collections along with all the indie shadows I've hauled lately, I'm feeling a serious "review-a-palooza" in the near future...which would be easier if my camera didn't trick me into thinking it was fixed. It is definitely SUPER frustrating because I just spent $30 on a brand new battery and that turns out to not be the issue. It still won't charge most of the time, so I'm wondering if its the cable? I actually got it to charge just as I sat down to write, but I'm terrified that if I move an inch it will change it's mind! - Looks like I'm sitting here for a while! Either way, I'm about 800% done with the whole thing. We'll probably be working with mobile photos for a while until I can figure it all out, but since my phone has such a decent camera, its not exactly a terrible thing. I'm playing with setting and lighting so hopefully that will all be copacetic soon.

The Maybelline Fall Fashion Week 2013 items that I hauled have for the most part been tested, so I hope to bust those out during the next few days! First is Flash of Pink - one of the most wearable items in the entire collection.

The ColorSensational Glosses are housed in a rectangular tube with a good amount of heft to it. It doesn't feel or look overly cheap. The labeling is minimalistic, but in the actual store you can tell if yours has been tampered with as there is a perforated plastic label. Also, when you pull the wand out of the tube the first time, gloss will be displaced into the top neck part, further showing you that it's brand new or swatched. Despite how giant it may look, there is actually only the same amount of product in this tube as a MAC Lipglass (0.17 fl. oz) and it retails for anywhere between $6.99 to $9.99 depending on where you shop. 

Flash of Pink is a pale, blue based pink with a bit of a lavender tone to it. When I saw it, I knew it was definitely a "me" shade. Think MAC Snob - thats the kind of color you're getting here. Maybe I should try it over MAC Snob...

The consistency is moderate - not super thick and sticky, but does have a bit of a weight to it. I've tried several of these glosses before and most of them have this texture. The shade itself only stained my lips very minimally - which this line normally does for me - but it wasn't anything like their deeper or brighter shades. The wear time of this shade was so-so; definitely not as longwearing as darker shades like Raspberry Reflections (reviewed here). The glossiness wore off after about an hour leaving a faint pink tint, but I had to reapply more often than I would have liked to keep it at the initial opacity. 

The thing that just rubs me the wrong way about these glosses is the flavor/smell. It is very strongly - I don't know how to describe it - almost like synthetic plastic passion fruit flavored and it does tend to linger. I take medications that happen to have side effects that make me quite nauseous sometimes, and I have to avoid these glosses by all costs when I'm having a bit of an episode with my medicine. By the end of the day today, the queasier I got, the more the fragrance bothered me. 

I'm not a stranger to this shade family, so its not all that much of a surprise that I had some similar shades in my collection already. On the far left is Flash of Pink, and right beside it is MAC Going Casual from the Lavish Rose Lip Set that was part of Holiday 2012. Going Casual is VERY similar - its just sheerer and a hair warmer. If you missed out on Going Casual and are kicking yourself because of it, you may very much appreciate Flash of Pink - I'd say they're almost dupes. On the far right is NYX Butter Gloss in Meringue - which is a little less lavender pink and a bit more opaque. They're in the same color family, but I wouldn't say they're dupes. 


Pros - 

- Good color payoff.
- Medium texture - neither too thin or sticky.
- Unique shade in terms of drugstore availability.

Cons - 

- Strong fragrance.
- Short wear time. 

Overall, its definitely a shade that's up my alley. Lavender Pinks make me happy, and I felt that this shade was one of the most wearable shades for day to day from the NYFW Fall 2013 collection...even though we all knew I was going to partake in some purples! I'm going to try to get the reviews for the remainder of the collection that I hauled, so check back soon!


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