Review - Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Bad Ash

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Due to my immense luck this year, the two items that I really liked from the Darling Girl "Oh The Horror" Halloween collection were sent to me as samples in my last haul! I was so excited! I've had a bunch of fall shadow shades to sort through and review in the past month or so, so I was finally able to get this one tested out today!

I received this shade as a free sample with my last order as well as Razzles Spectral Shift, which I should be reviewing ASAP.

The swatch on the right is dry while the one on the left is applied with water (not a mixing medium). Darling Girl's website describes Bad Ash as a "Bold pearly copper with red tones loaded with color shifting aqua sparkles". Its a somewhat burnt orange shade without being too overly orange with really cool blue sparkles in it. Applied dry, it is true to color and applies opaque and beautifully, while when applied wet it takes on a bit of a golden sheen, but maintains the blue sparkle as well. I wore this shade as my lid shade today with Urban Decay Sin allover and Urban Decay Toasted in the crease. It was a nice, warm, fall look without being something run of the mill. 

What I Like - 

This shade was super easy to work with. Very minimal fallout for a pigment, and no random glitter fallout whatsoever - so that was really nice. It has a sheen when applied dry and without mixing medium, so its not a step that you need to take. You can work without it. I personally really enjoyed how unique this shade was as a whole. You don't often find a shade that's nearly orange with blue sparkle in it just anywhere - that's what I like about indie cosmetic brands.

What I Don't Like - 

I really can't recall an issue that I had with this - and I'm happy about that! Darling Girl Cosmetics is a company that I return to time and time again because the products are not only unique, but they are of great quality for a very palatable price!

I will say, there has definitely been an influx of positive reviews lately on this website and its not because I've done all to much research on my purchases as I usually do; there are just some really great products available on the market right now, which is a great feeling.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - just because a brand is lesser known (or available) or independent, does not mean that it is of lesser quality. Darling Girl Cosmetics proves every time that they are one of the best, and this product was no different.

10/10 - This is a really fun, unique fall shade and I would recommend it!

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  1. I just put in a couple Darling Girl orders after reading all your raves about them! Her site is so much fun to shop.


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