Review - Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The first Urban Decay product that I ever purchased was a single eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy a few years back. I still have it, but oh man - the fallout. Since then, Urban Decay has reformulated their eyeshadows - which alleviates this issue a bit - but at the same time, as my makeup skills have grown I've found that I don't deal with fallout quite as badly as I used to - so I'm not running scared when I see glitter in an eyeshadow anymore. Thank goodness, because I can definitely appreciate some glitter.

When these shadows were released, Zodiac was the standout of the group in my eyes. And well, you'll see why.

The Moondust Eyeshadows are housed in the same packaging as the regular eyeshadow, but it is a lighter reflective silver, rather than the gunmetal silver. They contain the same amount of product and retail for $2 more at $20.

The Moondust Eyeshadows also have the function to pop them out and put them in an Urban Decay Palette. I'm contemplating depoting these completely as I did with my remaining Urban Decay Eyeshadows to put them in one of my MAC palettes for better accessibility and storage, but I'm wondering if it would harm the eyeshadow as it isn't quite as dense as an average shadow. I'm still mulling it over.

One thing I'd like to note is that I used a mixing medium (ELF Lock and Seal) on a brush and put it straight into the product. I started at an edge to see if it would create a hard seal at the top and it did not. I don't know if it is the shadow, the mixing medium or both, but it made it easier to work with.

The left swatch is dry while the right is wet - with water rather than a mixing medium. (When I wore this on the eye, I used the ELF Lock and Seal). The color description for this one via Sephora  is a mouthful - it is a "smoky black with blue green shift and blue green 3-D sparkle". I wouldn't say that this has the blackest of black bases, but its a quite smokey, blackened green shade with glitter when applied dry. When applied wet, the sheen is more apparent, and pulls to the more green side of "blue green". The glitter particles are primarily silver, with hints of nearly silver blue and an almost golden green.

When I applied this, I started with using the color dry with a rounded, but still dense brush (a la ELF C Brush) allover the lid. I then took a flat, stiff brush dipped in ELF Lock and Seal and picked up a generous bit of product and patted it on my lid. There was much less fallout than I anticipated, but it does bear mention that you might want to save your face makeup for last with this one. It foiled to a really glittery, reflective finish and I was SUPER pleased with it.

Overall - 


- Highly reflective/glittery finish when used wet.
- Smokier when used dry.
- Pigmentation dry was better than I expected...pigmentation wet was phenomenal.


- Take care in application, as fallout is inevitable, just not as awful as I anticipated.

I really like Zodiac. It applies easily for the type of product it is and it was just incredibly pretty. Given how well this one performed, I'm interested in trying Diamond Dog, Glitter Rock and Space Cowboy in the future!


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