Maybelline Limited Edition Color Elixirs in Luminous Lilac and Luxe in Lilac

Monday, May 26, 2014

I don't know what it is about this spring/summer so far, but I am so much more into lipglosses than I usually am. I'm usually just a total lipstick girl - and there's bonus points if it's a matte lipstick - but there's just something about the gloss formulas on the market right now (particularly in the drugstore) that has me converted...or at least more to a 50/50 ratio. My best guess? I think I'm liking the gloss/lipcolor hybrid craze.

The Maybelline Color Elixers are definitely not a range that I'm unfamiliar with - I've been hoarding them just a bit - but these two shades, along with another (the color I'm Blushing) that I'm interested in getting my hands on are part of the Bleached Neons collection for summer and are definitely shades that are right up my alley!

If you are unfamiliar with the Color Elixir line, these are a highly pigmented glosses with a cushion-y texture - they are marketed as being nourishing on the lips like a gloss would be. I very much like this formula because of the mix of the texture and the pigmentation. Across the board, from the lightest shades I have to the deepest, these all do have a great level of pigmentation. I was impressed with the texture of these because I usually equate highly pigmented glosses with a sticky texture (ahem, MAC?) but these are really incredibly comfortable. I also don't find these drying in the least on my lips, but I'm not entirely sure if they impart any extra moisture either. My lips aren't any worse for the wear after wearing these, however.

These do have a fragrance as well and it does have a bit of strength to it, but it's a fragrance that I enjoy - these smell like Honeysuckle to me which is a very nostalgic fragrance for me personally, I remember picking Honeysuckle with my grandmother when I was growing up! -  but if you're someone who is highly sensitive to fragrance, you may have difficulty with these. It doesn't linger much, but it has a decent strength to it when first applied. 

In the above photo, Luminous Lilac is on the left while Luxe in Lilac is on the right. Luminous Lilac is a very approachable take on a lilac toned gloss. In my opinion, this one is a very, very lilac toned pink rather than a true lilac, but it is a wonderful shade for a subtly lilac lip or a way to ease yourself into wearing lilac if it's something that intimidates you. This pairs with so many different looks and it's definitely become a staple for me. Luxe in Lilac is a touch bolder. It borders on the Radiant Orchid trend while still having a very beautiful translucency that makes it wearable for those, like myself, who are drawn to lilacs and other tones of purple. 

Overall, I'm really excited about these. I've been definitely reaching for these shades a whole lot, and I'm really interested in trying to get I'm Blushing as well! Color Elixirs are like potato chips for me, I can't just have one!

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