Review - Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Iced Lotus.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a name, Clinique! Just in case we didn't know it was a blush, lets call it a blush three times in the product name..its like blush-ception!

I was not initially planning on purchasing anything but the Black Honey Almost Lipstick from Clinique early this week but given the GWP (still live on Dillards' website!), I decided to haul a bit more. (Check out my Clinique haul here!) This shade was super cool toned and right up my alley, and to be completely honest, it had been a bit too long since I last used Clinique's makeup.

The product is housed in a mirrored rectangular compact, with another mirror in the lid. As a whole, it is larger than my palm, minus my fingers.

A slight bit more than half of the compact houses the blush itself. There is also a space to hold a miniature brush (not pictured). The back is clear.

Clinique describes Iced Lotus as "a blue blue pink with white shimmer". Not a typo on my end; maybe theirs? Or maybe they just want to get across that its a really cool toned pink?  Hmm.

It is a light lilac toned pink in my opinion. It does have a little bit of a sheen to it, akin to MAC Frost finish blushes or NARS along the lines of the shade Orgasm. The same kind of sheen that doesn't have microglitter, just kind of glowy.

The formulation is very finely milled and pigmented. It doesn't take much work to apply this to show up on the skin, which is not normally the case for shades of this degree of lightness. It was really buttery and blended well. If you're fair like me, use a lighter hand. I'm used to packing on shades of this caliber, but with this one, I just really didn't need to.

The wear time of this shade isn't awful, but it isn't going to rival more long wearing shades. I had it on for about 5 hours before it noticeably faded, which is mostly an average wear for a non-longwearing product on my skin. The sheen to it stuck around the entire time it wore, which surprised me. Usually the sheen will wear off leaving a bit of color left, but this one faded all together rather than sheen then color.

My only complaint is the packaging. Using a benchmark; Clinique blush is the same amount of product as a MAC blush, same price, but the packaging is GIANT. MAC Blushes are only 2/3 of the size of the packaging of this one. Given it is flat, but the large well for the brush that I'm either going to get rid of or throw in my purse for emergency touch ups is just not needed. Its a soft brush, I'll give it that, but it is far to small to be of daily use unless I'm really in a pinch. So I have this big empty nearly half of the packaging that is just taking up space. I'm already outgrowing my storage, so this bugs me just a bit.



- Strong pigmentation.
- Shimmer sheen sans glitter.
- Cool toned option.
- Blends well.


- Not the longest wearing option.
- Bulky/wasteful packaging.

Its not a holy grail, but it is a shade that is right up my alley that has great pigmentation and blends well. I'll definitely get use out of it, but until/unless Clinique launches some more (and more unique) shade options, I'll probably just stick with this one.


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