Review - MAC Lipstick in Snob

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have a love for the pastels. Its been ingrained in my DNA since I could remember. They're feminine and pretty and just give me the warm fuzzies.

Snob was one of the first MAC lipsticks that I purchased and, as you will see, my most worn.

Look at how misshapen that is! This is going to end up in my Back2MAC stash before I know it!

MAC describes Snob as a "Light Neutral Pink". What. The. Heck? This shade isn't neutral by anyone's standards. It is a quite cool toned, pastel like pink. It does read a bit darker on me than most people, given the fact that I am so fair skinned and I have somewhat strong, cool natural pigmentation in my lips. (Read - I have somewhat purple lips naturally and I have no clue why). 

Snob is a Satin finish, which is basically MAC's equivalent of a Semi-Matte. It is almost matte, but has the slightest of a sheen to it. The shade is opaque in one go and doesn't feather or transfer. It can be a touch drying, but it only affects me when my lips are already irritated or in rare form, such as when I am dehydrated or when the weather is a bit dry (I'm a true Florida girl; my body is so used to the humidity and when that humidity level lowers my skin, hair and lips definitely suffer.)

There's often buzz int he blog community about Revlon Pink Pout being a potential dupe for MAC Snob. Just stick with me for a moment here...

Snob is on the left while Pink Pout is on the right. How on the everloving earth do so many people find these similar. I'm almost ready to make it my blogging purpose to show that they really are not even close to dupes! -end rant-


- Pigmentation/Opacity
- Decent wear time.
- Beautiful shade.
- Does not feather or transfer.

- Can be drying.

I love Snob, and it's pretty obvious. Thank goodness it's part of the permanent range.


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