Review - Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Before you dive into reading this review, remember two things. First; I received this product for review through Influenster; all thoughts and opinions on this product are my own and I have not received this product in turn for a biased positive review.

Second; thank God that Influenster sent these to me, because they are seriously holy grail status.

I have oily skin. It doesn't matter the weather, what time of year it is, my diet, anything. I've just always had oily skin (darn genetics!) so I've tried a whole lot of oil controlling or oil eliminating products on the market. In my search, I've either been met with products that did nothing to affect the oil on my face, or would parch my skin of any type of moisture and make it look incredibly dull (*cough* Clean and Clear's mattifying lotion? I'm lookin' at you there. AWFUL) I didn't hold out too much hope for these, because I hadn't experienced much success with this type of product in the past.

Oh my everloving goodness was I wrong.

Each towelette is individually wrapped which I like. I'm happy that they aren't housed in the same kind of pouch that similar products such as makeup wipes are in (all together in one bit pouch). These won't dry out (because of the individual wrapping) and you can stash them anywhere (they are in my car, my purse, my bathroom, my bedside table, my makeup bag. EVERYWHERE). There are 20 of these in a box and the entire box retails for roughly $7 depending on where you decide to shop. 

There are the benefits, directions and ingredients listed on the back of the individual wrapping, as well as the box. Notice that the list of ingredients is rather short? Only 4 ingredients.

The towelette is a decent size; neither too big or too small and is pre-moistened. 

To use this product, you simply rub the towelette on your face to absorb oil. It removes oil and other impurities, and will remove facial makeup as well. (do not use this as a makeup remover around the eye area though, and do not rely solely on these to remove your facial makeup) It left my skin feeling oil free and clean feeling, without any kind of tightness or dryness. It kept oil at bay for twice as long as I am used to. (Sans makeup, my skin will start to feel oily around 2 hours after cleansing. With these I hit the four hour mark before feeling oily)

My only complaint is the fragrance. It has no artificial fragrance aside from what I assume is the Witch Hazel and Aloe. In my opinion, I'd rather put something on my face that I know is going to be good for it with a somewhat unpleasant smell, than put a product with a lot of chemicals from artificial fragrance on my face. In short, these work so well that I can just get over the fragrance itself.



- Natural Ingredients.
- Cruelty free.
- Eliminates oil and inhibits skin from getting oily for a decent amount of time.
- Does not dry skin or cause it to feel tight.
- Individually wrapped.


- Slightly unpleasant fragrance.

I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity to try these. I will most definitely repurchase these (I might even buy back ups) and I highly recommend them.

10/10 - Run, hop, skip, jump, whatever to your local drugstore and pick these up. Now.


  1. Wow I'll have to try these! My skin is very oily all year round as well.

    1. I can't say enough good things about these, they are definitely worth a try if you have skin like mine!


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