Review - Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby

Monday, April 29, 2013

As the weather starts to get a bit warmer, I find myself more drawn to shades that reflect the weather. I'm very much feeling peaches and golden shades as of late, but it's always a struggle to find ones that are flattering against my strongly cool toned skin. For this reason I've been finding myself reaching for shades that are accented with gold, such as this one.

In the world of glosses, it looks kind of tiny; but at 0.17 oz, it is actually the same amount of product as a MAC lipglass! No wasted packaging here! It also retails for a third of the price at $4.99, but you can most definitely find these cheaper if you search (I found mine on sale - at Publix no less!)

Summer Baby is like the essence of NARS Orgasm blush in a gloss. Its nearly spot on. Milani describes the shade as a "Gold Toned Peachy Pink", which is quite accurate. The shade is also said to be a dupe for MAC Nymphette, which is a big part of what drew me to it.

I actually really like the consistency to this product. It isn't too watery nor too sticky, but falls in a healthy medium that makes this comfortable to wear. I feel like the shimmer also helps it adhere a bit better than the average gloss, as I can get about 2 hours out of this shade.

The fragrance is strong - I don't get why Milani always does this. Its a very sweet, powerful scent and is basically spot on for vanilla extract. It isn't a terrible fragrance, but I can see it bothering some; especially those on medications (when my medication is bothering me, any highly fragranced product like this is out of the question!). It is, however, worlds better than the fragrance in their new lipsticks - which is nearly enough to turn my stomach.



- Great value.
- No wasted packaging.
- Good wear time for a gloss.
- Flattering and versatile shade.


- Very strong fragrance.

I really actually do love this gloss; the shade is so summery, but still looks great against my skin. I have another from the range in Sheer Dark Honey, which is most definitely not your iconic springtime shade, and I'm considering other shades in the range.  It bears mentioning that these glosses are a pain in the tushie to get ahold of, and when you find a store that carries them, the one you want WILL be sold out. I'm still bitter, can't you tell?  Hopefully I'll have better luck locating Taboo and Cotton Candy.



  1. I actually have both Nymphette and Summer Baby, and I prefer Milani's version! :)

    1. Thank you so much! You probably just saved a whole bunch of people money!

  2. I love this gloss for summer, too!


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