Mascara Madness Masterpost - June 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

I used to be the kind of person that never  had more than one or two mascaras in their collection at a given time; obviously that ship has sailed. I've had these photos on my computer for nearly a month now, and in the name of getting rid of old mascaras, I present you with some mini reviews!

Milani Total Lash Cover - 

What it claims: 3 part brush is meant to define, build and curl.

What it actually does: My lashes have a natural curl to them, so I'm not the best to ask, but this delivered on the define front as I found this did not look clumpy. However, the building aspect is out the window; this deposits a lot less product than you'd expect and isn't very dramatic. The tip of the brush does not have any bristles, so it was difficult to reach inner lashes.

Anything special?: In all honesty, the brush looked cool - before you use the brush, you can see that it is divided up into different colored sections that are all supposed to serve a different purpose.

Wear time and transferring: This didn't transfer on my oily lids but after a whole work day my lashes look a little lackluster.

Removal: No real issue, I use my normal removal process.

Will I repurchase?: No. It was cheap, and I think I now see why.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex - I received this as a sample for review purposes.

What it claims: Fullness and volume with flexibility. 

What it actually does: There is a volumizing effect to this and in all honesty, it doesn't feel quite as crispy as the average mascara, but it still isn't the most lightweight in my collection. The brush is an average bristled mascara wand, but in a very large size. This thing is HUGE.

Anything special?: The infusion of Lycra is meant to make lashes volumized but flexible. 

Wear time and transferring: I had no issues with this wearing off or transferring on me.

Removal: This didn't take any extra work to remove, it was quite easy.

Will I repurchase?: If the wand was smaller, absolutely. I do like the formula but the wand is too big for my liking. 

CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast - 

What it claims: Side one volumizes to add 10x the volume, while side two intensifies.

What it actually does: I normally don't like the smaller, rubber bristled wands like side one, but that wasn't what bothered me. 10x the volume is a very large stretch though, and I'm not entirely sure what side two is doing when it "intensifies".

Anything special?: Dual brushes meant to be layered for more volume.

Wear time and transferring: This transfers like CRAZY on me. Horrendously. 

Removal: Since most of it has already transferred to the rest of my eyes/face, they'res not much left to take off, but it does remove easily.

Will I repurchase?: Absolutely not.

Revlon ColorStay 3D Volume Mascara - 

What it claims: Volume and dimension to lashes.

What it actually does: This doesn't make extreme claims, so it is pretty true to the claims it does make. This does not clump at all on me and something I really like about this one is that the wand does not remove an unnecessary amount of product.

Anything special?: Not really - might have a better wiping mechanism than other mascaras.

Wear time and transferring: This may be a little less intense by the end of the day but there was no transferring on me.

Removal: Removal was easy, no issues there.

Will I repurchase?: This is 50% off at CVS right now which leads me to believe that it is being discontinued, so probably. This is my sister's all time favorite mascara.

Benefit They're Real - 

What it claims: Length, curl, volume and lift.

What it actually does: I don't find much lift and lenth to this, but it does add volume. However, this can get clumpy very quickly and is painful to my lashline to apply.

Anything special?: Domed tip for inner lashes and staggered bristles for volume.

Wear time and transferring: This does not transfer on me and still looks very similar to application at the end of the day.

Removal: This takes a bit stronger of a remover to take off completely, but nothing too irritating.

Will I repurchase?: Probably not. Too much work and it agitates my eyes.

L'Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara - 

What it claims: Resists clumping and provides 5x the volume.

What it actually does: I don't thing 5x the volume is too far of a stretch. I posted a selfie on instagram wearing this and was asked if I was wearing false lashes. That's a great feeling. The wand does, however, dispense way too much product.

Anything special?:  Not really.

Wear time and transferring: This did not transfer and still looked the same at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. 

Removal: No issues with removal, an average thickness formula.

Will I repurchase?: Probably. I really like the way this made my lashes look.

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara - 

What it claims: Brush design extends outer part of lashes out for a wispy effect.

What it actually does: It does just that. I adore this mascara, but I will say that it did have to grow on me. It takes some getting used to because the asymmetry of the brush is only on one side so it forces you to either flip the brush in the opposite direction or force yourself to be mascara ambidextrous - which I am SO not - but once I got the hang of it, I fell in love. My lashes look incredible with this!

Anything special?:  The wand is asymmetrical on one side; having a scoop of longer prongs. The rest are short bristles.

Wear time and transferring: This will last me all day with no issue whatsoever and has never transferred on me.

Removal: If I let my remover sit on my lashes for a few seconds, this removes without an issue.

Will I repurchase?: Abso-FREAKING-lutely.

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara - 

What it claims: Complete lash cover and 15x volume.

What it actually does: How does one measure 15x volume? I'm not sure if I'm getting that much volume, but I'm definitely getting volume with this. I can definitely, however, vouch for the total lash cover ability of this. This gets every single lash with no issue and isn't too huge of a brush.

Anything special?: The wand itself is very flexible, and the bristles are sporadic - in a good way. 

Wear time and transferring: I found no transferring and get a whole day's wear out of this.

Removal: Same with all of my other L'Oreal mascaras; no issue, just allow remover to sit for 3 or so seconds.

Will I repurchase?: YAS. I'm just as enthused with this one as the Butterfly mascara. L'Oreal is doing something right, I tell you.

Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara - 

What it claims: Lengthens, defines and will not clump.

What it actually does: Actually, that's exactly what it does - minus the length. I use this on my lower lashline 9 times out of 10, but I have used this on my upper lashes and it definitely separates them and will not clump at all. This is definitely a more natural look, but it has its place.

Anything special?: The wand is teeny tiny.

Wear time and transferring: Will not transfer, which is very important since I wear this on my lower lashline - but this doesn't have an overly stellar wear time.

Removal: Very easy to remove.

Will I repurchase?: I definitely would - this is perfect for bottom lashes.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara - 

What it claims: 8x the amount of volume, smooth lashes and no clumps.

What it actually does: Volume? Yes. Smooth lashes? - what the heck does that mean?? - And no clumps? Pfft. This clumps before I even put it on my lashes, I swear it! The rubber bristles are very, very short and the wand itself is actually quite thick. Not my cup of tea.

Anything special?: "Supersonic brush" and "fast-glide formula". Whatever those mean. Umm??

Wear time and transferring: Once it's on, it's not going anywhere. At all.

Removal: A bit difficult to remove, actually. It takes a bit more work than I prefer.

Will I repurchase?: No. Maybelline needs to scrub the launch of this Rocket.

...I had to...I'm from Florida...

Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara - 

What it claims: 16x the volume and an "extra shot" of plumping formula? More mascara being applied possibly?

What it actually does: Well, clumps my lashes, basically. I tried so hard to like this since I love the original Colossal, but I can't even make this semi-work for me by wiping off the excess mascara on a tissue. NOT. OKAY.

Anything special?: A "double shot" brush, which is probably their way of saying a brush that picks up and obscene amount of product.

Wear time and transferring: This did transfer on me, but not to the worst degree I've seen. It still is pretty intense - and clumpy - by the end of the day.

Removal: A little difficult, kind of like I applied too many coats.

Will I repurchase?: I wish I kept my receipt, actually. I would have returned it. For shame!

Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara - (can we tell when my camera died and I had to continue taking photos after the sun went down?)

What it claims: Dramatic length and no flaking.

What it actually does: It has spoken true on its claims. This is a wonderful lengthening mascara that still provides me with a bit of volume as well and I LOVE the shape of the brush. This separates and coats very evenly.

Anything special?: 4mm lash extensions. 

Wear time and transferring: No transferring and no loss of dramatic look (which is often a side effect of these kinds of mascara because of flaking). This one is just very well executed.

Removal: No issue in removal whatsoever. The waterproof of this one - which I've accidentally purchased in the past - is another (painful) story.

Will I repurchase?: I have before and I will continue to as well. I just thoroughly enjoy the brush shape - everything else is just gravy.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Mega Plush Mascara - (i.e. the most difficult wand on earth to photograph!)

What it claims: Full volume without the hardness and weight as well as complete coverage.

What it actually does: It is very lightweight and kind of attributed to a fluttery effect. Not so much for the total lash coverage though - this is one of the lesser dramatic mascaras in my collection.

Anything special?: 40% less waxes and a flexible brush (though not nearly as flexible as L'Oreal's Miss Manga)

Wear time and transferring: No transferring occurred with this one but it was one of those disappearing acts that wasn't quite as full as it was by the end of the night.

Removal: Quite easy, I had no issue with this.

Will I repurchase?: I like the fluttery effect, but I'm a bit on the fence about this one.

Get ready to see some empties coming up soon...because a few of these are old enough to be added to the box. I've already added some replacements - Maybelline Colossal (original! OMG), Maybelline The Falsies and Revlon Bold Lacquer have already been through a bit of testing and I do have a few other recommendations to try out. I will say my standout mascaras from this list are definitely L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly, Miss Manga and Maybelline Illegal Lengths - and outside of this list Maybelline Colossal (original, OMG) and Victoria's Secret Triple Drama are some of my other favorites. I'm sensing a pattern here.

Because 9 times out of 10, I'm just really not feeling these rubber bristle brushes!


  1. That's so funny, I actually LIKE the rubber bristles of Covergirl's Lash Blast Volume! To each his own I guess? :)

  2. Absolutely! I've always said it - Mascara is one of the most personal beauty products and what one person likes, another person may loathe entirely and vice versa. Thats what makes them so difficult to review as opinions are all over the place. Though, from what I've been seeing...almost everyone hates the new Pumped Up Colossal lol ;)

  3. So many mascaras! I want them all haha!

  4. It seems like everyone is liking the L'Oreal Manga. I'm pretty in love with the Voluminous Butterfly, but I just saw somewhere that the Manga comes in colors, and I have been looking for a bright blue mascara. I hope I can find it!

  5. UGH L'Oreal Manga is soooo good! If you find the bright blue one, let me know if it's like like BLUE blue or just like subtle blue!


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