Maybelline Limited Edition Color Whisper in Pop of Poppy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ever since my mom surprised me with Coach Poppy last year, I've been obsessed with all things poppy. It may sound silly - I think poppies now make me think of my mom and that makes me happy, so if a product has something to do with poppies, I'm all about it. Does anyone else make connections like that with a beauty product?

So that's why this Color Whisper happened. As soon as I saw the initial launch of it, I knew I'd have to have it - if I could actually find it. That's the frustrating thing about Limited Edition Drugstore Collections; if you don't jump at an item and it sells out, you're screwed. I had to check a couple different locations before I was actually able to find one of these. Though, it was totally worth it.

Can we just talk about how cute the packaging is for the Color Whisper range? I really like the translucency and shine the cap has. It's light and summery and almost jewel like and it makes me happy for some unknown reason.

Pop of Poppy is one of those colors that will literally suit any skin tone. It is a semi-sheer ever so slightly red toned pink shade that can be worn very translucent, but does build quite well on itself to give a pop of pink on the lips. I thoroughly enjoy the formula of this range - I think it's my favorite of the "lip butter" trend - because it's just so lightweight. This is a gel based lip product and you can kind of feel that in the way it applies and wears. Given, it doesn't have a groundbreaking wear time; but not many products of the like do on my lips. I don't know if this range has any sort of lip nourishing ingredient infused in them, but they definitely don't cause any dryness in my lips.

I'm super excited that I was able to round up this shade because, even though I bought it for the name, it really is one of those "staple shades" - especially for the summertime! I do have a few other Color Whispers from the permanent line - Lust for Blush, A Plum Prospect and Ooh La Lilac - and while I do have my eye on a few more, I'm really hoping that Maybelline adds more to this range. They're so effortless and comfortable!

What's your summer go-to lip these days?

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