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Sunday, June 1, 2014

In all honesty, I was a bit tardy to the YouTube beauty party - I've only been watching beauty videos on YouTube regularly for the past two years or so. In that time though, I've been able to come across a lot of channels that I find particularly helpful and wonderful - and while this list, knowing myself, will probably not be all inclusive - because I'd forget my own arm if it wasn't permanently attached to me - includes channels that I've been really enjoying lately. These are in no particular order and I'll be including links and my reasonings, so make sure to check them out!

Kristin Gehm - LOVE HER! She's the queen of the taupe eyeshadow and all about sensible and wearable makeup - but still has some of the most gorgeous eye looks I've seen in a while. I also love the organization of her videos; they all have a format to them that makes them very pleasant to watch!

gossmakeupartist  - This guy knows his stuff! Wayne Goss is probably one of the most talented makeup artists in the business and is always finding newer and better ways to makeup. His videos are also short, sweet and to the point and he doesn't hem and haw around and gets straight to the point. I love that!

MadeYewLook - HOLY CRAP. If you like Special FX Makeup and body painting, check Lex out. Shes so ridiculously talented and down to earth. She also does a whole heck of a lot for the Diabetes community, which is something very near and dear to my heart.

Tati| GlamLifeGuru - I feel like Tati's videos are the perfect mix of drugstore and high end. She is super helpful with drugstore shopping, always outlining sales and I particularly enjoy her "Hot or Not" videos which review new items and collections very close to their release date to give us an idea of if they're worth it or not. Not to mention, shes freaking GORGEOUS.

Dustin Hunter - Dustin posts videos a little less than most of my subscriptions, but they are always a treat to see! I particularly like is makeup aesthetic - he's the perfect mix of editorial makeup with approachable techniques. Not to mention, his voice is so calming that he could talk about the apocalypse or something and I'd find it soothing!

goldiestarling  - Angie is the be all end all of Special FX makeup on YouTube. How is she not doing movies yet? Shes also incredibly helpful if you're interested in learning how to apply prosthetics for costume and special fx makeup, and the beauty looks she includes every once in a while are so beautiful and glamorous!

xsparkage - If you love anything bright, you'll love Leesha. I thoroughly enjoy her collection swatches, because shes quite fair skinned and I can get a really good thought of what colors would look like on me, but her tutorials are the bomb! I don't know how she does it, but the things she puts together always look stunning! Shes also SUPER prego right now and I love her vlogs!

Allura Beauty -  This is where it's at for new collection swatches and reviews. Literally - and I'm ashamed because I don't know the author/youtuber's real name - but she ALWAYS has the information and swatches I need. This is the first place I look when a new beauty collection is released.

Beauty Broadcast| Emilynoel83 - Emily was probably one of the first beauty YouTubers that I started watching and I still watch all of her videos to this day. Shes a wonderful resource for drugstore makeup and makeup dupes. Not to mention, she's worked in broadcast television so she is incredibly easy to understand and listen to!

essiebutton - I love Estee so much because her sense of humor is the exact same as mine - I totally get her. Her makeup style is one that I truly enjoy as well - shes always so radiant! And by the way - her Greyhound named Reggie is one of the most adorable creatures on this planet!

ItsKeerstin - YES. Again with the sense of humor note - I totally love this girl! Shes sarcastic and hilarious and I adore it! Not to mention, she also has oily skin (like I do) and lives in a hot climate (like I do) so I find her reviews incredibly helpful.

Jess Bunty - THE best skincare channel on YouTube. Jess deals with adult acne and has AMAZING  tips and recipes and tutorials regarding acne and scarring and redness and literally all the things I deal with in my skin. Not to mention, shes so freaking hilarous!

vintageortacky - I LOVE Cora. Shes so incredibly talented, but so down to earth at the same time and her makeup always looks flawless. She also does a lot of videos regarding plus size clothing, which I can highly appreciate.

Remember, these are just some of my favorites - I find new channels all the time and rediscover old ones all the same. I'd HIGHLY recommend that you check these guys out as I've learned so much from them!

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  1. I AGREE ABOUT DUSTIN HUNTER'S VOICE. Also I love his sense of humor. And I'll second that hell yeah about Allura, shes so under rated.


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