CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipglosses - Thoughts and Swatches

Sunday, June 8, 2014

When I hauled these a couple weeks ago it was definitely a blind purchase. Literally no one was reviewing these yet - I don't know if we got them early here in Central Florida (yeah right, like that would ever happen...) - but I have a suspicion that nobody really reviewed them at first because it's quite possible that no one really liked them.

And man, did I really want to like these...

The display gave me high hopes. There is a decent color range - I'd like to say at least ten shades - and seem to cover all the bases; nudes, pinks, brights, reds, plums, etc. I wanted to get shades that were from different ends of the spectrum of the line so I chose;  Melted Toffee - which in the tube looked like a pale, neutral toned light beige nude, Give Me Guava - which looked like a beautiful neutral light pink with a nearly golden shift and Fruitlicious - which looked like a fuchsia pink with a blue shift to it. They look pretty intense in the tubes, right? Note how often in the color descriptions I chose the past tense for look...

This is why I nearly always look up swatches. What you see in the tubes is not the color you see on your'd need nearly half of the tube to get the color to look that intense in the first place!

These are quite sheer, but isn't a sheer gloss okay?  Absolutely - but at least give it a nice formula! Now these aren't sticky in the least, which people who abhor sticky glosses might appreciate, but the issue I have is that they are simply too thin too work with. I was expecting something a bit thicker, along the lines of the Maybelline Color Sensational High Shines or the Rimmel Stay Glossys (which are on the thinner end of the gloss spectrum, in my opinion) but these are much thinner. They also have such a strange, oil like consistency that just makes them slide around and they really don't adhere to the lips much. It's such a strange feeling - almost like I mixed color and olive oil and decided it was a lipgloss. 

Because of the texture of these, I didn't find them particularly drying but yet again, they hardly stick around long enough to tell anyway. The only decent use I've been able to get out of these - other than a quick trip to the grocery store or something of the like - was to use them to layer over lipstick. They're okay as layering glosses, but tend to make the product under them wear away a bit quicker - I think they're just too emollient. 

So how do I feel about these? In all honesty - a little bummed out. The wear time is dismal, the texture is strange and the color payoff is very lacking. While these are rumored to be in CoverGirl's permanent line, I've yet to see them listed on the brand's website and have seen them go on promotional sale (aside from a normal Walgreens or CVS sale) a good two or three times now. My thought is that they're not selling too well. I'd pass on these - they're prettier to look at in the tube than to actually wear.

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