MAC Alluring Aquatics Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite's Shell

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 was meant to be.

Last Friday - and I'm nearly certain - I was probably the first customer into my local MAC store. Literally. I left work at 10 and went straight there. Some may say obsession - I prefer the word "dedication".

And of course, the first words out of my mouth after an obligatory "Good Morning" (which 10am does not feel like morning to me anymore!), was "did you guys already sell out of Aphrodite's Shell" to which I was met with a "what the heck is that?".

HUGE rant alert here - In my years of retail, if something is being launched in your matter how many different products there know them. The names, information and all that hoohaw. I work backroom stock and merchandising - not even customer service - and if I don't know information about a launch in the company I work for? *shiver* It's been ingrained in my brain that something like that is a big deal. So I was a bit shocked that for the second time that month (the first time was with a permanent item - Patisserie) and with a completely separate group of people, I was met with blank stares and "wait, are you sure we sell that?".

"Are you sure we sell that?" Let that sink in for a moment. I'm just going to start with my phone pre-loaded to the product page on MAC's website for goodness sake! ¡'Ta Loca, "Are you sure we sell that?"!


Long story waaaaaay short - It obviously wasn't sold out and I was able to purchase it. And I feel quite strongly about it - like Gollum clutching it whispering "My Precious" kind of strongly...

As with about 90% of the rest of the collection, the compact is metallic and embossed with water droplets. It is literally gorgeous but please don't judge my fingerprints - because it is literally a fingerprint magnet. It is nearly the same size as an average Mineralize Skinfinish, but 1g less - which I'm assuming is due to the fact that this is only domed on one side rather than across the entire product.

The product itself is a work of art, really. The bottom half has a raised, textured wave in it, while the top half is imprinted with the MAC logo. This doesn't wear away very quickly either - I've been using the heck out of this and the only change I'm seeing is that the ridges in the waves are a bit less defined.

This is the first time I've tested the waters in the Extra Dimension formula from MAC. I now understand the hype. When you look at the powder itself, it really does look like it would be chunky and lacking of a smooth texture. Touch it. Apply it. This formula was one of those that I really did judge a book by it's cover and just assumed that it wouldn't be smooth. 

This stuff is like butter! MAC does call the Extra Dimension formula a "liquid powder" and I can kind of get that analogy because it is just so finely milled. It does have a sheen to it, so if you're not keen on glowy bronzers then this might agitate you. I have two categories of bronzers in my collection. The larger category - and the one that this one fits into - is that of bronzers that I use as a blush. I do appreciate the glow sometimes because since I have such oily skin and I do so much to mattify it, sometimes it is quite nice to put the glow back in where I want it to be. The other category of bronzers for me are those for contouring - which are usually completely are almost matte and tend to be cooler toned or taupe. This would not fall into that category - between the sheen to it and the general lightness and pinkness of it. MAC describes this shade as a "Golden Bronze with a touch of fine shimmer" which is pretty accurate - but I will say that this does have some pink to it that keep it from turning into an orange-y bronze. It is quite light and I would recommend this more for skintones on the lighter end of the spectrum. I was also quite impressed by the way this blended - it's literally kind of effortless and probably one of the easiest bronzers to blend that I've used in a while!

Am I done with Alluring Aquatics? My answer still stands; if it's still there - and by it I mean possibly the Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Sea Worship (yes, I've refined my wishlist) - then, just repeat after me...if it's still there, it means it was "meant to be".


  1. Wow. What a fail at the MAC counter. I haven't bothered going to any counters in person for this collection because I figured it would be all sold out by now (seeing as how most of it sold out within an hour of it being released online). I was able to get everything I wanted, although now I'm regretting not buying Fathoms Deep. Oh well. Maybe, ebay, right?

  2. Ingrid, do you have a CCO near you? I've had phenomenal luck finding DC'ed items at mine that I missed the boat on. Have you had good luck with buying MAC on eBay? I've heard some horror stories!

  3. II must not have a CCO near me seeing as how I've never been to one (or even known they existed!). I've never bought MAC on ebay. I'm slightly terrified to, so I don't think I'll actually do it. :)


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