Review - L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Legally Regal (Limited Edition)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was a much needed relaxing day; especially after the week leading up to Easter itself (Spring Break is never fun when you work in retail!)

But, on to beauty!

L'Oreal's Versailles Romance Collection really stood out to me when it launched in the first part of last month. While pastel's aren't exactly groundbreaking for spring, they most definitely have their place.

And they're just so pretty ^.^

The Colour Riche Balms are housed in a rectangular case with a semi-sheer tinted lid that correlates with the color of the actual product. The packaging is nice to look at and I feel that it is more secure because of the closure in the front.

The bullet itself is flat on the top, instead of pointed like a lipstick, and retracts fully into the packaging.

Legally Regal is a sheer lavender pink shade. It does read more toward the pink side in the swatch, as it looked a touch more lavender in the bullet. On the lips, it is a very cool toned sheer pink. It isn't going to add a whole lot of color to the lips, but it does make a bit of a difference.

I like the color and the sheerness to it for what it is. Its one of those appropriate shades for me when I'm running to the grocery store or working at 4am and don't want to be glammed up, but when I still want a bit of color. 

The formula is average. It doesn't dry my lips, but I don't know if it 100% warrants being called a balm. To most of the beauty consumer world, the word balm implies hydration; in terms of hydration this "balm" just isn't cutting it for me. Given, I enjoy balms with either intense hydrating properties or far thicker consistencies, I felt that this should have been marketed as a sheer lipstick, rather than a balm. The color itself lasted about 2 hours on my lips; the color didn't fade as quickly as the sheen did.



- Flattering translucence in on trend color.
- Color lasts about 2 hours.
- Beautiful and functional packaging.


- Not hydrating.

While I'm not one for sheer lip products a majority of the time, I can agree that they do in fact have their place, thus I have a few in my collection. I do, however, prefer these products to be more hydrating as I feel they show imperfections on the lips much worse when they lack moisture. I do prefer Revlon's take on these kind of products for that reason, but they do tend to be a touch more opaque. L'Oreal's Colour Riche Balms are going to give you the sheer color that you are looking for, but you aren't going to get a whole lot of moisture from them, so plan accordingly. 


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