Review - Limited Edition Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Lavish Lavender

Monday, June 3, 2013

I am definitely on a Cream Shadow base blitz as of lately! It seems like almost every look I've done in the past two weeks has been over a cream shadow of some sort (mostly MAC Painterly, but is that going to change any time soon? No.) Be it that a whole lot of products needing review lately have been creme shadows, I've also found that they help the wear of most of my looks in this unforgiving weather a whole lot. Naturally, I jumped at the new Maybelline Color Tattoos, and while it turns out they're great bases, that's pretty much all they are.

Lavish Lavender is a icy lavender with a almost smoky taupey base to it and its actually quite pretty. It looks a bit more shimmery in the pot than it translates to on the eye, but there is a healthy amount of shimmer in the product. 

In terms of color payoff, its fairly sheer, but not streaky. The reason this somewhat bums me out is because it doesn't have the pronounced duo-chrome shift that Waves of White had that made up for its sheerness. Lavish Lavender is pretty, but it needs a little something something over it for a cohesive look. It does however, make a great base. I wore this with Darling Girl Mercurial and it was a wonderful, super metallic look.

What I do like about this shade is that it both makes my looks last all day and amps up the vibrancy to them, which makes it a wonderful base shade, again.



- Great base.
- Taupey purple - unique color.
- Long wearing.


- Sheer.

While I will definitely get use out of this, I was underwhelmed. I feel like it could have been much better. Yes its sheer. But yes, it makes a wonderful metallic base. Worth it but not worth it at the same time. You decide.


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