Review - Ulta Kohl Liner in Smoke.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm a sucker for anything free - even if I don't need it. Case in point, not too long back, Ulta was running a GWP promotion and I opted for a particular smokey colored eyeliner as part of my GWP because I was lacking in a smokey, dark gray eyeliner.

I would have done better to just refuse this part of the GWP in all honesty.

Smoke is a dark, blackened gray that would make for a perfect smoky liner shade - which is what I had in mind when I picked this one up. It is housed in a normal pencil format and sharpens like an actual pencil - no bells and whistles about it. Its about an average length for drugstore liners - not as short as CoverGirl Liquiline Blast and just a touch shorter than Revlon ColorStay. 

I don't even know where to start...You know that sigh of defeat when you purchase something without the luxury of swatching it - and when you swatch it you quickly become aware of your mistake? That's where I was; which is probably why I put of using/testing this shade for as long as I did. This thing is nearly as sharp as an actual pencil! It felt scratchy even against my hand when I first swatched it - Imagine how it felt on my waterline! When I finally got a little bit of color to deposit on my waterline, it was still incredibly sheer - I found myself applying copious amounts of UD Mushroom over it with a push liner brush. It doesn't apply, it doesn't stay and it almost hurts to apply!

The goth kid in me that, deep down, still remains decided to take a lighter to it to try to amp up the color and make it more creamy (which I still swear by!)...and, erm...don't mind my mobile photo, but...? just kind of disintegrated into a puddle of goo. Needless to say, that technique was out of the question - not to mention that it dried down to a finish like candle wax and flaked off. So weird! 



- None.


- Tugs/sharp.
- Sheer/uneven.
- Difficult to apply.
- Very short wear time.

Can I go as far as to say this is probably the worst eyeliner that I've ever used? I'm actually nearly speachless about how badly this liner sucked. For $8 or less go for something like Milani Liquifeye or CoverGirl Liquiline Blast and steer clear of this awful thing. 

Thank God it was free.

1/10 - Absolutely not.  

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