Review - Limited Edition Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Seashore Frosts

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We now have the last of the three Limited Edition Spring Color Tattoo's that I hauled this year. I previously reviewed Lavish Lavender and Waves of White within the last week or so. Now that I've tested all three that I purchased, my major question is if these were intended to be base shades or were they just somewhat poorly executed statement shades? Who knows - all I know is that I've been using them like bases something fierce.

I believe that there were three other shades in the range that I did not pick up - one too similar to shadows I already had, one that was too yellow to flatter my skin much and a mint which, from what I hear, swatched very disappointingly.

Do you know the restraint it took for  me to not swatch this before I photographed it? So pretty!

Out of the entire launch, Seashore Frosts was the focal point of the collection. It has a cool, grayish blue base with a greenish gold duochrome shift to it and its quite stunning. However, as with the remainder of the collection, its quite sheer. If this shade had some power of pigment, I'd wear it by itself - its that kind of multi dimensional shade. While the dimensions do show, it could definitely be more pronounced. I wore this as a base with NARS Kalahari allover the lid and NARS Galapagos in the crease - what was achieved was a newer take on neutral with just a little bit of understated color. 

In terms of application, it was on par with the other two shades - a little bit thinner and more slick than the average Color Tattoo, and thus, sheerer.  Once it sets, its there for the day until you choose to take it off, which is the most important thing about these kinds of shadows for me, since 9 times out of 10 I use them for bases. What makes these three such great bases despite their sheerness is the duochrome effect - it slightly alters whatever you apply these with, thus making for a truly unique look.


Pros - 

- Longwearing
- Unique shade/duochrome effect.
- Great base shade

Cons - 

- Sheer
- Thinner consistency.

While I do prefer the formula of the permanent range of the Color Tattoos, I'm a sucker for anything duochrome. While these could have been executed in a much better manner, the fact that they work great as base shades is helping me get a whole lot of use out of them.


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