Review - L'Oreal Limited Edition Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Strawberry Blonde.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Funny story; I was at the Giorgio Armani counter in Saks not too long ago and spent some time swatching the Eyes To Kill shadows while the sales representative desperately tried to talk me into buying something (Hey, for $32 a pop it better be bomb!). To her  dismay, I needed more time to think about said purchase, but what really struck me is the similarities that these pricey, yet beautiful shadows had to a much cheaper version from their parent company, L'Oreal. And the sales rep definitely didn't like it when I stated my revelation aloud.

From playing with the Armani Eyes To Kill shadows I can definitely draw some correlations. The shadows look, feel and pretty much apply the same. ETK looks a bit bigger, more luxurious and the colors are a bit more art esque to look at, but I did everything short of actually wearing these on my eyes. While they are stunning, I just don't see a need to drop $32 on one of them, when you could find about 5 of their L'Oreal counterparts for the price of one.

Needless to say, this isn't a range that I'm new to. I've tried quite a few and I've run into some that I love (Bronzed Taupe, Continuous Cocoa, Pink Sapphire) and ones that weren't so great (the ever so disappointing Golden Emerald), but my overall take on the range is fairly positive. L'Oreal released 4 limited edition shades from the Miss Candy collection - which I have only previously reviewed the lipgloss in Short Shorts from as of yet. After this, I have one more shadow to review, which will be Cherie Merie.

Strawberry Blonde is an icy baby pink with a white gold shift to it and its actually pretty stunning - when applied correctly. I used this as a base shade because it can be fairly sheer, but they key is to use a flat, stiff brush to pick up the product. For an all over base shade, my usual is one of my large, fluffy shadow brushes from Clinique, but its just not right for this formula - it causes it to pill up in the "pan" and makes for a really sheer application. The more golden tones in this make it stand out from my collection - its not a pale pink completely, but not a champagne either. I actually rather enjoy pairing this with Cherie Merie from the same collection, which is a coral, and the outcome is quite cohesive. 

The wear time was good. Nothing to write home about, but definitely not 24 hours as the brand claims. I just don't understand the deal with the 24 hour claims by L'Oreal and Maybelline - why am I wanting to wear my makeup this long? And do they realize that they are setting themselves up for failure with this claim? 12 hours is feasible and much more realistic! - End Rant- 



- Unique base and lid shade.
- Wearable with a wide range of looks.


- Can be too sheer if not applied correctly. 

The thing that draws me in about this shade is the uniqueness to it. The shift makes it different from bases that I usually gravitate to; i.e. UD Sin, etc. The important take away with this shade is to know how to apply it, which is where you are going to get the best results.


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