Review - MAC Eyeshadow in Patina.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

One of these days I'll get around to posting a photo of my MAC Pro Palette - maybe when I fill it up - but we're in total cool toned status here. I feel like a majority of my MAC eyeshadows are taupe-y or cooler toned, so I'm in desperate need to bring some warmth into it.

Patina was a shade that I never really looked into - which in hindsight is a total shame because its actually quite stunning! It also, thank goodness, is a venture into some warmer toned MAC shadows - so my palette can be that much more well rounded.

I'm quite enjoying buying pro palettes - $10 is definitely a bit more palatable than $15!

MAC describes Patina as a "Taupe brown with golden pearl" and that it has a Frost finish. If you were to take a taupe and mix it with an almost greenish antiqued brown, you would get Patina. The finish is what I've come to expect from MAC Frost eyeshadows; good pigmentation with a strong sheen, but no chunkiness. Its less dense than a Veluxe Pearl but has a similar sheen. 

The thing that really shines about this shadow is how unique it is. It isn't a run of the mill shade that you're going to have a whole lot of dupes for in your collection already. Its not quite taupe but not quite gold at the same time, and for that reason, it plays very well with others. I've paired this with at least half of the shades in my MAC Palette, layered it over different bases, etc. and it always just brings something new to the table. 

What I Like:

Patina is unique; I'm trying to fill up my MAC palette to be a one and done palette that has everything I need - but that sometimes makes me feel silly to be spending almost twice the money for a browbone shade, etc.- but with Patina, I wasn't able to find anything quite like it anywhere else. Its a good addition to my palette for that reason. I also liked that the frosted sheen wasn't all too chunky.

What I Don't Like;

I actually found myself quite satisfied with Patina. Its far more flattering on my cool toned skin than I anticipated, and I'm already getting a whole lot of use out of it.

I overlooked this shade for so long because I just assumed that it wouldn't be all to flattering on me. Turns out I was quite incorrect! Patina isn't one of those shades that looks all too unique in the pan, but rather one that you need to swatch - the underlying tones make this one a really unique offering from MAC and something that can definitely hold it's own!

10/10 - I would recommend this shade!

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