Review - MAC Eyeshadow in Copperplate

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I'm so far behind on the MAC permanent range, simply because they do so many limited editions. On the lipstick front, not so much, but I only have very few MAC shadows and nearly all of my blushes from them were LE at some point.

I've most definitely been feeling some mattes lately, and when I swatched Copperplate in store last week, I knew it HAD to come home with me.

Copperplate is part of the permanent range as is described on MAC's website as a "muted mid tone gray" with a Matte² finish. It is a neutral gray that does not lean too cool (oftentimes they can look a bit blue on me). It does look a touch taupe-y, depending on what you wear it with. The Matte² range is said to be easier to blend and not quite as dry as the average matte, and with this shade, I can kinda see where MAC was coming from. This is not dry in the least and the pigmentation was actually quite phenomenal. I had not given Copperplate much thought until I swatched it in store, but then I was very stoked on it! It gave me no trouble in blending and wore the whole day, with only minimal fading after a *unrelated* very rough work day.



- Incredible texture and pigmentation.
- Wearable without being too flat and boring.


- None!

I'm very pleased with this shade and I am already finding myself reaching for it a whole lot. I just picked up Quarry, so I kinda want to see how these pair together!

10/10 No complaints?! Totally recommended!


  1. Copperplate is one of my favorites! I like pairing it with Jest.

    1. I actually have not tried Jest yet; thanks for the tip, I'll swatch it on my next visit! (which is probably going to be too soon for my wallet to like!)


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