Review - MAC Lipstick in Hue and Why I Might Not Be Able to Wear Much Eye Makeup for a Short Time.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Okay, so bare with me here. Now that finals have ended and work has calmed a bit, I've hit another small roadblock that may or may not affect my blogging; or at least just my eye makeup blogging.

I am currently experiencing an allergic reaction to a contact solution (given to me by my eye doctor no less!). It started out with my eyes just being somewhat irritated towards the middle, so I wore my glasses 24/7 for a couple days rather than my contacts. Then, I tried to wear my contacts after the redness had subsided and after the first day there wasn't much change...but the second day left me with horrendously red, swollen eyes. I was actually afraid that my eyes were going to swell shut at work or something; it's that bad!

I went to the pharmacy and they told me it was likely a preservative in the solution (needless to say I'm going back to BioTrue! I don't care how expensive it is by now, it doesn't kill my eyes!) and the fact that I used Visine to try to calm the redness actually made it worse.

It makes me feel like a kid showing off a scar, but just look at it!

(Heres a bit of an ode to Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara though! I couldn't go without mascara!)
It's pretty bad and the lids are swelling a bit too. So frustrating! Needless to say, I have to be careful what I put around my eyes until it clears up (both eyes, mind you. UGH!) Which couldn't have come at a worse time since almost everything that has crossed my desk as of late has been an eye product. I'll keep you guys updated.

So Hue. I put off buying this shade for a  good amount of time because I felt like the sheerness of the Glaze finish would have a super short and drying wear time like the Lustre finish, but after I picked up Pervette on a whim I found that I'm actually quite fond of the Glaze finish; it has its place.

MAC describes Hue as a "soft pale pink" with a Glaze finish. The Glaze is meant to be sheer and bring a touch of color and iridescence to the lips. On me, Hue reads a lot more towards a peachy nude than a pink, and like Pervette, it has that very subdued multi-dimensional finish that makes the Glaze range so flattering. It's one of those nude shades that flatters a whole lot of skin tones and won't give even the fairest of beauties the dreaded concealer lip look.

While this isn't a longwearing shade by anyone's standards, it wears longer than I expected something of this degree of sheerness to last a bit shorter than it did. It stuck around for about 2 and needed to be touched up after about three. It did not dry my lips and felt comfortable to wear.

What I really like about the Glaze finish is the fact that it, in a way, wraps the lips with color rather than just giving them a sheer, balmy, glossy look like the Lustres do. I feel like this improves the wear time for such a sheer product.



- Universally flattering shade.
- Comfortable wear.
- Iridescence in a very subdued manner.


- You're going to get about two hours strong out of this, thats it. Wear it when you're okay with reapplying.

I think Hue may be among my very small collection of nudes I actually like. The sheerness makes it wearable, but the iridescence makes it look like a put effort into the shade I chose.

Hue is also part of the permanent range (phew!).



  1. Wow! Your eyes may be irritated but that mascara is amazing on your lashes!

    1. Thank you! I cannot say enough good things about Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara! Its seriously like holy grail status by now and I've never felt that way about a mascara before!

  2. Your poor eye hope it feels better soon and yep that mascara is gorgeous on!


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