Review - L'Oreal Limited Edition Colour Riche Le Gloss in Short Shorts

Friday, May 24, 2013

There are times that occur when I'm blogging and I just have to sit back and appreciate a product's name. I'm sorry, but I just thought Short Shorts was just such an adorable name on L'Oreal's part, regardless of if it has anything to do with the shade to begin with! It made me giggle.

Short Shorts is a limited edition shade that is part of the Miss Candy collection for this late spring/summer. The collection itself is full of fun - and you probably guessed it - candy like hues to compliment the warmer months. Its definitely very cute! I have two of the eyeshadows from this collection that I will be working on getting reviewed for you guys ASAP!

The Colour Riche Le Glosses are a bit skinnier and longer than the average squeeze tube gloss. 

Short Shorts is a very sheer, milky lavender gloss. Over my natural lip color, it only looks ever so slightly purple, and the milkiness is somewhat apparent. When layered over a lipstick, it will lighten the color a bit, especially over vampier purple shades. This really sings over shades of a similar hue, such as MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 and  MAC Lavender Whip.

In terms of wear time, this gloss is pretty much an average for me. It doesn't wear particularly longer than any other glosses, but it wears a good 2 hours without being sticky or completely fading. What I particularly liked about this gloss, as with the two other Colour Riche Le Glosses I own, is that they are fairly moisturizing on my lips. I feel like my lips weren't worse for the wear after wearing this all day and maybe just a touch more nourished than they would have been if I had forgone anything on my lips at all.

As with the rest of the range, Short Shorts has a strong, cupcake icing like scent and taste. It's quite apparent and takes quite some time to dissipate. While I didn't find it disgusting, I know that many people do not appreciate products with strong fragrances/flavors, so this is something to keep in mind.


Pros - 

- Fun summer shade.
- Wearable take on lavender.
- Moisturizing properties.
- Fantastic layering shade.

Cons - 

- Strong fragrance/flavor.

I'm actually quite pleased with this shade - I didn't really expect to be. Short Shorts is definitely a color that I am drawn to and I'm impressed about the moisture it provided my lips.


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