My MAC Collection - Blush Edition...And a Lesson in Limited Editions.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For some unbeknownst reason, I put of delving into the MAC blush world until long after I was sufficiently hooked on the brand's lipsticks. I thought there was nothing that appealed to me.

Yeah right!

As of late I've found myself in total grabby hands status with MAC blushes, but it turns out that nearly all of my darlings in my collection are either discontinued or were part of a limited edition collection. Thus is my life. I fall in love with it and then I'm afraid to use it because goodness knows when I'll find something like it again.

So lets just jump on in, shall we?

- Coygirl (Discontinued)

I reviewed this shade way back when before MUIR moved to Blogspot. Nearly a day and a half after I purchased this, it was discontinued. While it isn't a staple in my collection, its still quite pretty; the sheertone finish makes it a bit more wearable.

 - Dame (Permanent Range)

Dame is my one and only MAC blush from the permanent range. Its a soft pink with a satin finish and is a very wearable day to day shade on my fair complexion. I reviewed this here.

 - Full Of Joy (Limited Edition)

Full Of Joy is has a Frost finish and was part of the Tres Cheek collection last year. This is one of my most prized CCO finds of the universe. Its a lavender pink blush that is perfect against my skin and I just love it so much.

- The Perfect Cheek (Limited Edition)

The Perfect Cheek has a Matte finish and was part of the Marilyn Monroe collection from last fall. I went through heck to get my hands on this thing! Glad I did, its one of the most perfect neutral blushes that I own. I also reviewed this way back when here.

- Pink Tea (Limited Edition)

I found Pink Tea at a CCO when I found Full Of Joy. It has a Satin finish and was also part of the Tres Cheek collection. It's Dame's every so slightly warmer cousin and I really had to have it because of the name.

- Taupe Shape (Limited Edition)

I don't necessarily use Taupe Shape as a blush all to much, but rather a contour. It has a Satin finish and I was wary about the shimmer while using it as a contour but it most definitely works. It was part of the (in my opinion) quite underrated Strength collection from last late fall.

- Unconventional (Limited Edition)

Unconventional was meant to be my replacement for Full of Joy before I found it at a CCO. While they are similar, Unconventional is a bit more pink and wearable for day to day. It has a Satin finish and was part of the Taste Temptation collection from December (In which I hauled for my Birthday!)

- Azalea Blossom (Limited Edition)

You guessed it, another CCO find. This product actually includes two shades that can be used together to "make your own" as well as a beautiful ombre presentation. It was launched with the Daphne Guinness collection at the very end of 2011.

- Evening Stroll (Limited Edition)

Just because this is the last product featured in this post, it just had to be from a CCO (I have a problem, I know). Evening Stroll is a cream blush and lip product and was part of the Casual Color collection that was released just about the time as Tres Cheek was.

So there you have it; my quickly growing and quite CCO funded MAC Blush collection. My goal is to build up my permanent range blushes, but it's MAC - and we all know they have some pretty phenomenal Limited Editions.

What MAC blushes do you have in your collection? Let me know!


  1. All but one of my MAC blushes are limited edition as well. My only permanent blush is Melba, which I think I love more than any of my limited edition ones. I'll have to check out Dame next time I go to the counter!

    1. You know, I've had my eye on Melba for a while. Do you get a lot of wear out of it?

  2. I have coygirl and I love it when I went to buy another, the seller told me That They do not manufactured more, I how can replace That tone ( mac blush only)? i not buy Azalea blosom because that it was a limited edition, but now I have the bad luck That my favorite tone is dead for ever, any tip?

    1. Hmm, thats a tough one! From MAC, I'm not 100% sure - they haven't really launched too many that were all that similar. I would take a look at Hot Nights from the Temperature Rising collection, but I think it might be quite a bit warmer and pinker and it is limited edition. MAC Dollymix looks similar, but a bit lighter. Other than MAC, I think that Illamasqua Thrust looks similar - which is probably what I'll purchase to replace this shade when the time comes. Hope this helped!


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