Review - NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Barrow Street

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I was able to sneak this product into the rotation before my complete eye allergic reaction meltdown this week, thank goodness. NARS' summer collection is (finally) live at Sephora!

As much of a neutral hoarder that I am when it comes to eyeshadows, one could take that and multiply it by at least twice as much and it would show my tendencies towards liner. I have a couple colorful liners in my collection, but I find myself often just staying with black, or when I'm feeling pretty feisty, maybe gray! I'm boring, but I blame it on my tendency towards a bold lip and a neutral eye.

So needless to say, this shade is a bit out of my comfort zone. However, it wast just so pretty; I had to have it.

Barrow Street is housed in a black, matte, automatic pencil with a pop of color at the end to show what  to expect from the shade. Do not try to sharpen the whole pencil, as it is completely automatic - It just looks like an average pencil.

There is a small sharpener to keep the tip sharp that fits into the very end of the pencil.

NARS describes Barrow Street as a "seafoam green" and I believe the shade is named after a street in NYC. Seafoam Green is pretty on point as its a touch to vibrant to be considered a mint green and it does have very subtle blue undertones. 

I began by trying to apply Barrow Street on my waterline, which was both successful and unsuccessful. It was successful in application; it applied opaque and even on my waterline and for anything this pale of a shade, it really surprised me. But the lack of success was in how it looked on the waterline - just a little too crazy for work. 

I then decided to wear this on my upper lashline and wing it out ever so slightly. This is where the shade really shines. I wore this with NARS Euphrate on the lid and MAC Copperplate in the crease and just built this up across the lashline and it was stunning! Super vibrant and fun while still remaining work appropriate. It applied very opaque without much work, but did tug on my lid, which kinda bummed me out. If I were to warm this with my lighter (yes, I still do that) I feel like I could eliminate some of the tugging.  

The wear time of this was actually pretty freaking phenomenal, especially due to what I tried to put it though. Towards the later hours of my wear test of this shade is when my eyes were really starting to give me problems, and they were very much swelling and watering. This liner, however, Did. Not. Go. Anywhere. It stayed intact until I decided to remove it about 8 or 9 hours after application when my eyes could not take any more and I started flushing them with water. (By the way, I'm seeing a bit of an improvement today! Hallelujah!) Even then I had to do a teensy bit of scrubbing to get this liner 100% off my lashline, which kind of impressed me.



- Vibrant shade.
- Great color payoff and opaque without work - wherever you decide to apply.
- Very sturdy packaging, especially for a automatic pencil.
- Incredibly longwearing.


- Tugs a bit in application.

I'm really surprised by the incredibly long wear time of this shade, as I'm not used to liners wearing that long on my upper lashline. I can absolutely deal with a little bit of tugging if the finish is so mess free and has such longevity. Barrow Street definitely makes me want to check out the rest of the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner range. 

Note - I am not sure if this is limited edition or not, but since it is part of the Summer Collection, it may be a safe assumption that it is. Pick it up now rather than later.


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  1. Oooh, this color looks so cool and summery!


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