Review - Too Faced Summer Eye 2013 Summer Sexy Shadow Collection.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Neutrals are my comfort zone, so the fact that I wore three colorful looks in a row this week both surprised and excited me! C'mon Summer! And it doesn't stop there, I've still got the Lorac GloGetter Palette to play with as well!

Let's dive right in, shall we? This palette is somewhat of a repromote from last year's with a few changes made; different shade, different packaging. I found mine at ULTA, and Too Faced's website lists this as out of stock. Its definitely been popular!

Too Faced definitely wins when it comes to the visual presentation. The packaging is straight out of the pool with the brand's vintage inspired logos.

Most of Too Faced's newer palettes are housed in a square tin with a mirror in the lid nowadays; which began with the Boudoir Eyes palette. It feels sturdier and cleans easier than the old cardboard ones, but my only complaint is that it is held closed by a somewhat weak magnet. I expected it to, and would have preferred that it would snap shut; if you pick this up the wrong way it will swing open.  

As with most of Too Faced's Palettes, Summer Eyes is broken up into three sections; the "Day" look, the "Classic" look and the "Fashion" look. Each section has a large base shade and two smaller shades.

Cute little note on the back of the insert with the looks - too cute!

From left to right, the "Day" look is;

- Seashell: A matte apricot shade with decent pigmentation. This shade performed better than I expected and I can totally see myself getting a whole lot of use out of it. (This shade was in the place of Sugar Sand from last year's version)

- Plumeria: A candy pink with a shimmer sheen and no glitter. Pinks are never as pink on my skin as they are in the pan - maybe over a white base with a darker pink in the crease I could get this true to pan, but it could take work. However, it is quite soft and when paired with Seashell gave me a sunset eye like effect.

- Cocoa Beach: I highly doubt that it is named after it, but I've been to Cocoa Beach nearly hundreds of times! Its such an easy drive from where I live! Thank God that I loved this shade, because I would have been heartbroken because of the name! Cocoa Beach is a neutral to cool medium brown that can read a bit taupe-y depending on what you pair it with. It has a bit of glitter but I noticed no fallout. 

From left to right the "Classic" look is;

- Peach Fuzz: This shade is a peachy beige with microglitter. Its not a showstopper - there's not a whole lot of pigment to it and using it as a base is the only place I would think to apply it. It also caused a decent amount of fallout.

- Coral Crush: Coral Crush is a true coral with microglitter. I actually rather loved this shade, for something with glitter it had minimal fallout and it wore forever and a day on the eye. Its not the most vibrant coral I've come across, but that may be in my best interest. 

- Chocolate Sun: A chocolate brown with microglitter. It had great color payoff and minimal fallout, just as Coral Crush did. The two pair very well together.

The "Fashion" look from left to right is;

- Sunbeam: A pale yellow gold with decent pigmentation, but a good amount of fallout. It performed better in terms of pigment than Peach Fuzz, but worse in the fallout category. Meh.

- Mermaid: I had incredibly high hopes for this shade because its more of a grayish, teal-ish blue that swatched quite stunningly. On the eye it was a mess to apply - it was sheer and patchy and floofed all over the place except for where I wanted it. It needs a base with it to aid in application, and keep it from disappearing like it did in a very short time on my lid. Such a bummer!

- Toasted Coconut: This shade is a warm. medium, demi-matte brown that applied well, but is quite dupeable. 

As per all of Too Faced's palettes, three step by step guides on the looks is included!

I'm pleased but not over the moon with this palette. Most of the shades were good, a couple were great and one was a total let down. The deal breaker for most will be the fallout, as there are a few glittery shades in here. Its not the greatest Too Faced Palette that I have, but it isn't terrible, just a teeny bit fussy. 



- The neutral shades in this palette performed very well, as well as two of the bolder shades and one of the bases.
- Great mix of summer color and neutral shades.
- Includes a mirror.
- Packaging is easy to clean.


- Two of the shades had a good amount of fallout.
- Three shades were under-pigmented. 
- The blue shade was a total let down.
- Palette does not snap shut, has a weak magnet.

If the blue shade had not performed so badly, I may have had a slightly more positive review. Its workable, but in order to get a super amount of vibrance with palette, one should probably consider a cream, tacky base or applying these wet. The mix of shades, however, makes it perfect for summer, and shades such as Seashell, Coral Crush, Cocoa Beach and Chocolate Sun were actually pretty great.


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  1. I've been debating wether or not to get this palette either... I love the new tin packaging (the cardboard is meh...) I wonder if they'll revamp all their cardboard palettes to the new tin style? :)


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