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Monday, May 27, 2013

When it comes to using bright colors on my eyes, I have to admit that I'm not all too gutsy. I keep it as minimal as I can and always add a neutral in to keep the look in my comfort zone. Of course there are exclusions and I'm taking more risks with fabulous outcomes, but I'm a neutral eye/bold lip girl at heart. So you can understand why it took me 5 different looks to get this palette completely tested!

The Lorac GLOgetter palette is new for this summer from the brand and is exclusive to Ulta. Not only that, but it is a mere $20 for 10 shadows. Break that down and that's $2 per shadow, which is a deal that you just can't beat! The palette boasts a mix of neutrals and brights for the perfect summer palette.

As with most of Lorac's palettes, the casing itself is actually quite thin and sleek - a little longer than my cell phone and a touch thicker as well for comparison. Thank the makeup heavens because I need to save all the room I can! It securely snaps shut.

The shadows themselves are actually a decent size, as well as the two oversized base/highlight shades across the bottom. No wasted space, Lorac fit in as much product as physically possible - kudos!

The swatches - I have the shades swatched in order, even down to having the base/highlight across the bottom.

The left half of the palette contains:

- The first shade is a matte(ish) medium warm brown. Its not the mattest matte (oh lord) that you'll use but its not all too frosty. Theres an understated creaminess to it. It had great color payoff and was one of my most used shades of the bunch (shocker, right?), and usually in the crease. I thought it was funny that the description on Ulta's website said a "mix of 8 vibrant matte and shimmer shadows" because, erm, there's just one matte. Sneaky, sneaky. 

- The next shade is a lighter, golden brown with a frosted shimmer finish. The pigmentation was good, nothing to write home about, but it did a great job in toning a look that intimidated me down a bit. Its quite a dupable shade, but its a neutral and I'll obviously get use out of it.

- Ah coral. So far, I've yet to find a "true coral" that is as vibrant as I expected (Darling Girl Viva La Revolution doesn't count here, its more orange than coral for me) and this is no exception. Its a bit sheer when applied. Though, this shade is a bit closer to orange as well, it made a great base to help amp up DG Viva La Revolution - as if it needed it.

- The fourth shade is a teal blue and probably the shade that intimidated me the most. It has good color payoff, but as with the coral shade, does lose a bit of vibrance on the eye. I'm indifferent to the shade - this type of blue is not really something I'd be able to get a whole lot of use out of.

- Across the bottom is an Ivory highlight/base shade, which is actually pretty phenomenal! Its definitely a great brow highlight for me - it looks a lot like UD Virgin. It also has wonderful color payoff and is super buttery.

And the right half of the palette is:

- I had high hopes for this shade, the first part of the right half is a medium cornflower blue with some purple tones to it. It swatches rather stunning, however, when I applied it, it just sheered out so much and didn't even look like blue. Super bummer. Maybe with a white tacky base it would maintain true to pan color, but without it the shade was definitely a let down.

- Taupe. I don't need anymore taupe, but I'm sure as heck getting use out of this shade. Anything that I could pair this with, I did. It has great color payoff and works great as a base for a darker look or in the crease for something super subtle.

- The third shade is a minty turquoise, and it actually is rather great. If it was a true mint green I'd be floored, but as an all over lid shade you get the mint hues more than the blue. Very nice.

- Be patient with my attempt to describe this fourth shade. In the pan it just looks like a vibrant, medium purple, but when applied it is a slightly warm, medium violet with reddish pink tones and oh my goodness is it beautiful or what? Its definitely my favorite non-neutral in the bunch with great color payoff.

- The second highlight/base shade is average and along the lines to UD Sin. I don't hate it, but its not completely as pigmented as I'd liked.



- Sleek packaging.
- Great value.
- Mix of neutrals and brights.
- Shades that are usually used more are larger.
- Full lid mirror


- Some shades were less than wonderful.

For me, this palette is not exactly a "must have" as I'm really drawn to neutrals, but it was an incredible deal. My major takeaways is that on the plus side, I ADORE the purple shade and the matte brown, taupe, turquoise, and left highlight shades were great, but pigmentation lacked on some shades that I expected to be total showstoppers. 

But I just really freaking like that purple.


Sometime this week I will be doing a comparison post of this and Too Faced's Summer option as well so keep your eyes open for that!

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