June Favorites!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So before I begin; My camera is on the fritz. For some reason my battery refuses to charge and I'm somewhat fearing that I'll have to replace it - so in the meantime you guys will be subjected to my mobile photos until I figure things out! GRR!

June basically flew by - I feel like I just posted my May favorites yesterday! Here goes!


Clockwise from the top left is the MAC Lady Gray Quad, Hard Candy Green With Envy Palette (reviewed here) and MAC Sumptuous Olive. A pretty cohesive group here, don't you think?

- MAC Lady Gray Quad - I found this at a CCO this month, and it was originally part of the MAC Me Over collection in 2011, so I'm kind of surprised that it was still available. The top two shades are All Races, which is a stunning matte, pale taupe that was a dream to work with and perfect for my complexion, and Tendersmoke with was a frost finish and a soft lilac. The bottom two shades are Lady Gray (the quad's namesake) which is a satin greenish cool toned gray, and Hazy Gray which is a veluxe pearl and a slightly olive toned taupey shade. I just love this quad. All shadows were soft and pigmented, and Hazy Gray definitely makes me want to try some more Veluxe Pearls (it was my first one!). 

- Hard Candy Green With Envy - 10 shadows. $6 Bucks. Infinite green possibilities. I was quite impressed with this one.

- MAC Sumptuous Olive - Are we sensing a pattern here? I've been wanting this for some time now, and despite its permanent status, I found it at a CCO for cheaper. Score!

Face :

On the left is Hard Candy Glow All the Way in Dollface, followed in the middle by MAC Immortal Flower (reviewed here) on top and Pixi Subtly Suntouched (reviewed here) on the bottom, with the Boots No. 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Cool Ivory on the right.

- Hard Candy Glow All the Way in Dollface - I purchased this for two reasons; the swatches looked quite similar to NARS Copacabana, for one, and just look at how much product you are getting for only $6! I've been using this a whole bunch and thanks to Dustin Hunter's video on the Armani Fluid Sheers and how to apply them, I've been using his technique with this and getting great results!

- MAC Immortal Flower - The only thing I hauled from the All About Orange collection. I was just really excited that this was repromoted after I missed it in the Tres Cheek collection last year. I really like the texture to this, and it has really great pigmentation.

- Pixi Subtly Suntouched - Its almost a bronzer, so it counts as me wearing bronzer right? This has one of the softest textures I've tried in a face product and was worth the splurge.

- Boots No. 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation - I tried this after it was noted by Lisa Eldridge as one of her favorite foundations to work with. I remember being interested after she explained the finish and amount of coverage. While I wish there was a tad bit more coverage, this keeps my face nice and matte for much longer than anything else I've tried.


On the left is the Target Up and Up Crease Brush and the right is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

- Target Up and Up Crease Brush - Who would have thought I'd be reaching to a Target brand brush almost every day? This can get a tiny bit scratchy sometimes, but the way it deposits color and blends is actually fantastic. I may get a couple backups for when this one is dirty!

- Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I may have featured this before, but I assure you that this time it is for a different reason. I've changed from using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to this one for buffing in and blending my foundation and I feel like this gives me such a soft, airbrushed look. I LOVE it.


From left to right, these are;

- Revlon New Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Super Natural - I think this is the perfect pinky nude gloss for my skin and I've been going to this whenever I wore a bright, bold eye look to tie everything together without putting too much color on my lips.

- Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss - Everyone and their brother has been raving about these in the blogging community, so I tried it out. This repairs my chapped lips like a dream and has a nice, sweet, nutty fragrance to it that isn't overbearing.

- MAC Lipglass in Docile - If you didn't already guess, I found this one at a CCO this month as well. It was originally part of the Fabulous Felines and Jeanius collections. Its a pale, pinky lavender with a opalescent quality. The color is what sells it for me, as the formula is mediocre (sticky!!) for me. Fashion over function right? For something so pretty, I'll deal with a bit of stickiness. 

- MAC Viva Glam II (reviewed here) - My perfect matte (ish), nude, "my lips but better" and "I can wear this with anything" shade. I never thought a shade like this would flatter me, either. Now I'm in love!


On the left is;

- Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom - I've been wearing this fragrance for YEARS and they just discontinued it. Needless to say, I stocked up, but it also rekindled my love for it in the process.

- Bath and Body Works White Tea and Ginger - If it's tea, I'm sold. I love this fragrance because its not something that I encounter a lot of people wearing, so I feel like it sets me apart. And you know, it smells like tea, and thats a total plus.


- Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Paste - Since I chopped all of my hair off recently, I've been using this to accentuate my layers and make my ends "super flippy!". It isn't sticky in the least and dries down to an undetectable finish. And it smells like citrus. YUM.

Garnier wins the award for most DIFFICULT Website to navigate. Take a look - what a pain in the butt!

So there they are, folks! A lot of CCO finds, and a lot of Youtube recommendations! What were you all loving this month?


  1. You're so lucky to have a CCO near you! all the outlets are so far from me <:(

    1. I complain so much about being so close to a metropolitan area, but there are benefits =p I have two CCOs in two different outlet malls just down the road from each other! I've heard of other bloggers finding gems from brands such as Urban Decay and Too Faced at their local Big Lots, Ross and Marshalls though!


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