Review - MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Every summer I make a pact with myself to try to do 2 things; find a flattering coral lip color and wear more colorful eyeshadow. In theory, I've done both this summer - a good portion of the eyeshadows I've been reviewing as of late have been a bit more than neutral - and with shades like MAC Shy Girl and Revlon Papaya, I've been doing pretty well on the coral front. However, I've yet to find a coral lippie that has a great formula - because Shy Girl kinda...well, doesn't.

MAC describes Shy Girl as a "creamy neutral coral beige" with a Cremesheen finish. Ah, Cremesheens...definitely not my favorite finish that MAC has to offer. On my skin, this shade reads a bit more warm than neutral, and more of a strongly peachy beige rather than coral. Its a softer take on coral, which is great for people like me whom are completely intimidated by the color. As with most Cremesheens, Shy Girl is somewhat sheer and has a creamy quality to it.

Most Cremesheens tend to bug me for a couple of reasons; the sheerness, coupled with the inferior wear time and the fact that they leave my lips painfully parched. There have been some exclusions (Lavender Whip and Outrageously Fun) but across the board, Cremesheens are probably my least favorite finish and I usually avoid them unless the color is unique or something that I'll get an incredible amount of use out of regardless of the wear (Cremecup). Shy Girl has it's place, there are some looks that are completely tied together by this shade, but its not a shade that I constantly reach for, and I feel like that is somewhat due to the formula - i.e. if the formula was better, I might reach for it more often and thus get more use out of it. It is a shade that is going to flatter a whole lot of skin tones, however.



- Somewhat universally flattering shade.
- Wearable take on coral/nude.


- Drying
- Short wear time
- Uneven application

If this was a Satin finish, all of Shy Girl's problems would fixed. In all honesty, I wasn't surprised by my lack of enthusiasm about this shade, simply because I know how the average Cremesheen reacts to my lips, but I really wish it had been better, as this could have quickly become a staple in my stash.


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