It's That Time of Year Again - My Not Too Expensive Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

January and June is the sale lover's mantra - many retailers house their Semi-Annual Sales in the first week of January (right after Christmas, duh!) and around the second week of June (to kick of summer in style!). I've hit the Semi-Annual Sales at Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret and Yankee Candle (and finally got my hands on one of my old favorites, Almond Cookie!!! Squee!)

In terms of the dollar amount, I had my coupons ready to do some damage but in all reality, I only spent about $30!

What did I get???

Cherry Blossom Body Mist and Body Cream - I've been wearing this fragrance since I was about 13 years old (going on 10 years!) and I was devastated when I found out that they were discontinuing it. It's not a complete discontinue, as it will be available online, but definitely not as easy as strolling into the store after work every once in a while! I still love it just as much as I did in my teen years and it garnered a ton of compliments when I wore it this week! Cherry Blossom is a mix of cherry blossoms, watermelon and sandalwood.

White Tea and Ginger Body Mist and Juniper Breeze Body Mist - I am a tea fiend, so it doesn't surprise me that I was drawn to this fragrance. This is a classic fragrance from the brand and was temporarily brought back for Semi-Annual Sale and it definitely lives up to what I was hoping! I love this so much that I talked my best friend into buying it the next day when we went out shopping! White Tea and Ginger is a mix of Green Tea, Earl Gray Tea and Ginger.

Juniper Breeze another classic fragrance brought back for the sale. I remember when this was part of the regular lineup, but I never wore it before. I decided to give it a chance and I really enjoy the earthy, plant like quality to it. It is a mix of Juniper, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.  

And can I just mention how much I love that these are packaged in the old bottles??? Maybe I'm just a creature of habit, but out of all the bottles that I've seen from Bath and Body Works, probably because of the nostalgia of them....and let us just forget the weird square-ish angular ones - ugh!

I'm definitely not a stranger to Bath and Body Work's Aromatherapy line, so how did I not know that this fragrance existed?? Not only is it part of the stress relief line (trust me, it works), but it has Sandalwood - we all know how fond I am of Sandalwood. Mixing it with Rose was genius - I love this fragrance so much. Not to mention it was only $6 for a whole lot of product in a nice glass bottle with a pump!

So this one is a bit of a cheat...I've been lemming for this candle for some time now, but given my extensive candle stash, I couldn't bring myself to buy the large one, but when I stumbled across this I was so excited. It has a smaller size of the candle for almost half the price and the box is adorable and decorative. I plan on going back to give the Paris, Rio and Italy candles a stiff!

So that's it! Not saying that I'm 100% done - but I definitely got what I intended to buy from the get go. What did you guys haul from Bath and Body Works' Semi-Annual Sale?

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