Review - L'Oreal Limited Edition Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Cherie Merie

Monday, June 10, 2013

You know that feeling when you get cheated out of a weekend? That was me this weekend. I'm used to having to work all weekend, so that's not really a change for me, but between homework, a killer migraine and probably the worst bout of heartburn that I've ever had - needless to say I didn't enjoy it. It definitely does feel like a dreaded Monday today..

On a more positive note, I finally got around to testing L'Oreal Cherie Merie from the Miss Candy collection, and I am pleasantly impressed!

Cherie Merie is an orange toned coral that has a bit more pink in it than the photo lets on - not a whole lot, but it's there. It actually has a wonderful shimmery finish without any sort of microglitter that Strawberry Blonde had. 

Now I applied this in the same manner in which is my norm for these shadows - more patting than sweeping with a flat brush. Cherie Merie, to my elation, did not take much work to get true to pan color. I paired this with Satin Sheets from Too Faced as an all over base, this shade generously on the lid and up into the crease and Milani Brown Stone in the crease to cool the look down a bit. The look itself stayed vibrant - as always, with primer, but this time with no colored or tacky base - through the entire work day, a horrendous migraine and a migraine induced "super nap" (you know that has happened to you too..). The longevity reminded me of the better performing shades in this range, but the real showstopper is the vibrancy and true to pan color that this shade achieved, something that I've had a difficult time finding in a coral.

Speaking of other corals in my collection, I wondered how this compared to Urban Decay Freelove, which in all honesty, kinda left me wanting. I have L'Oreal Cherie Merie on the left and UD Freelove on the right. While Freelove does have pinker tones to it and a stronger sheen, they are both very similar. I found that Cherie Merie's pigmentation was quite superior to Freelove and that they are nearly close enough to call dupes.



- Longwearing.
- Little to no fall out.
- Vibrant and true to pan.
- Not too much work to apply.


- None!

I didn't hold high hopes for this because so many corals have disappointed me. Color me surprised, because I actually love this shade - enough to recommend it! If you have been looking for a great dupe for Urban Decay Freelove, check this out - but do it sooner rather than later, because it is Limited Edition!

10/10 - I recommend this one!

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