Review - Darling Girl Angel Face Shimmer Blush.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Note - I received this product as part of a discounted kit of review sized samples. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for review. If you have any questions, seek my disclosure statement in my disclosure tab.

Well, hurricane season didn't waste any time to start right up! Only 6 days into the season and we not only have a named storm, but it's already hit us! Quite the rainy, windy, dreary day here in Central (and well, most of) Florida!

I've been singing praises for Darling Girl Cosmetics ever since the first product that I tried - and I've yet to come across something that I didn't like. What confuses me, however, is that I don't know if the brand's high quality, uniqueness and great customer service is indicative of many indie brands like it, or if DG is some kind of shining beacon of awesomeness, as it is the first indie brand I've tried. I'm definitely looking to delve into other brands to be more well rounded, so if you have a favorite indie brand that is similar to Darling Girl, let me know in the comments so I can give them a try.

But in all reality, I am really happy with this brand.

The Shimmer Blush range was the last category of loose powder blushes from the brand for me to try - the others are DuoChrome (Like Sassy Sakura and Purple Haze) and Soft Focus (my holy grail - Yes, Virginia), so between my need to test the finish and how much I just loved the shade, I had to try this one!

The swatch on the left is built up while the right is blended. Darling Girl Cosmetics describes the shade as a "lavender with pink undertones with gold and silver shimmer". It is slightly darker than what I would categorize lavender as, but it has a deepened lilac quality to it that is absolutely stunning. While there is sparkle in the finish, its most definitely not a glitter bomb and did nothing to accentuate my problem pores, which I was thrilled about. I really appreciate the blendability of this shade, as it really didn't take all too much work to blend out. Keep in mind, however, if you are quite fair, this shade isn't going to blend to nothingness like lighter shades, so a bold cheek or a light hand may be in order, because there is a good strength of pigment to this blush.

When I saw this online, I was interested to see how it swatches against my favorite blush from the brand, Yes, Virginia.

Angel Face is on the left, while Yes, Virginia is on the right. Angel face is deeper and more purple, while Yes, Virginia is what I would call a true lavender. As you can very well notice, they are part of the same color family, which is why I find myself drawn to them. I still find Yes, Virginia a tiny bit more wearable, so Angel Face isn't replacing the shade's Holy Grail status, but it is most definitely one of those shades that I'll get a whole lot of use out of.



- Strong pigmentation.
- Contains sparkle without being a glitterbomb.
- Blends well.


- Very pigmented, may need a light hand.

This shade reminds me of a powder version of Evening Stroll by MAC, which was discontinued. While I have both, I feel like Angel Face is a little easier to work with (even though we all know I love my little pot of  Evening Stroll!) due to the powder, rather than super pigmented cream finish. If these kind of hues tickle your fancy, this blush will definitely rock your world.


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