Review - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Every summer my goal is coral - to find a coral lippie that I like against my skin. I have a couple in my stash that work, but they are incredibly outnumbered as I can definitively note that I have less than five coral lipsticks in my extensive collection - none of them holy grails. Thats what I was hoping for with Juicy Papaya, but the search still goes on.

Juicy Papaya is a sheer, true coral that Revlon launched alongside three other shades - one of which, Sorbet, I've already reviewed. While it does have pink tones to it, they are very, very subtle, so the sheerness of it does benefit my complexion.

This shade is among the sheerer lip butters, but the biggest bummer for me was the unevenness of application. I wore this on a day where I was really counting on some moisture - as Lip Butters often wear comfortably on me, and I feel it dried my lips, if anything. Very patchy and not flattering. I may try this on a day were my lips are in better form, but in terms of normal wear, its not on par with the rest of the range.

I prolonged purchasing this shade, because I didn't know how similar it was to Tutti Fruity, which was far too orange for my skin. From my research, it looks to be a lot more sheer and less orange.



- Sheer take on coral.
- Unique shade for the brand.


- Did not impart any moisture.
- Patchy and uneven.

This is not along the lines of the Lip Butters that I know and love, but it is one of those shades that I could probably make work some way or another. The search for the perfect coral goes on...


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