Review - Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

Monday, June 24, 2013

It's no secret that I have quite fair skin. I range anywhere between a NW10-NW15 at MAC, Ivory from Revlon, etc. so bronzer and I have a strange relationship. I don't often wear it, as it takes a lot of work in both application and the search for an appropriate color for me to achieve a believable glow. Most famed bronzers that are "for all skin tones" are oftentimes only appropriate for contouring on my skin, but for me to actually use one in lieu of a tan is difficult. Until now, at least.

The product is packaged in a pot with a lid that twists off and the lid is completely transparent with the company's logo on it. The rest of the packaging is a plastic matte mint green that doesn't get dirty or hold fingerprints.

The actual powder is embossed with the logo as well, which is quite cute. There also isn't much wasted packaging, as the pan takes up the whole diameter. 

Subtly Suntouched is described by Pixi as a "medium honey tan" and is surprisingly less warm toned than most bronzers that I've encountered. This, alongside it's lighter hue, makes it actually incredibly flattering against my skin. This isn't a shade that you're going to apply in the "E3" technique - its too light to do much contouring - but it works phenomenally applied in the same area as a blush with a somewhat heavy hand, which is my normal manner of application, or applied anywhere on the face that would naturally be hit by the sun. Pigmentation is good, nothing lifechanging, but easy to work with.

The texture of this product is also quite great - it's very soft and finely milled, and buttery to the touch. Because of this, it blends very well and I feel like that is why this shade ends up coming off so natural looking.

Pixi boasts that the formula is infused with Vitamin E and that it will fight against free radicals, as well as Mica causing it to have a long wear time. It did have a quite decent wear time, which was the only measurable claim from the mere consumer level, but it makes me think that maybe if they're delivering on one front, they might be able to deliver on all three?



- Flattering, natural shade.
- Soft and finely milled
- Blendable


- Could use a bit more pigmentation.

If you're super fair skinned, as I am - run, don't walk to your nearest Target and pick this up. For me to actually wear bronzer on a normal basis was unheard of, but this shade is so natural that it is just perfect for summer.


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