Review - MAC All About Orange Blush in Immortal Flower

Monday, June 10, 2013

MAC customer service is either hit or miss for me. I've had some great experiences - once great enough to email the company to commend someone! - and some horror stories. While my endeavor to pick up this shade and some other odds and ends wasn't exactly a horror story - lets just say if it wasn't limited edition and I didn't fear that it would have sold out, I probably would have refused to purchase this. So rude! I am making your day a bit easier by already knowing what I was looking for and not needing much attention, so I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't sigh and roll your eyes when you had to show me where the new collection was hidden in the store! Ugh!

It happens to all of us though. Make sure you share your best or worst encounter at a MAC (or any other brand's) counter or store in the comments!

So, Immortal Flower...Remember when I was kicking myself for not picking up Full of Joy from the Tres Cheek collection last year, and I suddenly found it at a CCO? Same premise with this one. I've recently, as the weather is getting warmer, begun lamenting about the fact that I had forgone this shade. As soon as a thunk the thought, it seemed like the next day MAC announced that they were repromoting it with the All About Orange collection. Score!

MAC describes Immortal Flower as a "bright peach" with a satin finish. The description is pretty spot on, but I feel like there should be a pastel note in there. Yes, it is bright, but it does read a bit pastel, especially on most skin tones deeper than my own.

Application of this shade was actually pretty great. It didn't take a whole lot to apply and it was very nicely pigmented - but not to the point that it was all too powdery or hard to apply. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised.

Immortal Flower has average longevity; it didn't wear off super quick, but it wasn't an incredibly longwearing shade - which is probably the only thing keeping this from a 10/10 rating. If it had worn longer, it would have been perfect.



- Easy to apply
- Great pigmentation
- Unique shade
- Satin finish did not empasize pores


- Could have a longer wear time

I'm pleased that I finally picked up this shade - making it shade #3 from the Tres Cheek collection that I had missed out on and finally got my hands on. The unique shade and great pigmentation make this one worth checking out.



  1. The people at my local MAC counter are the worst! I'm usually ignored, and when I need something it's hard to get someone's attention. It's like unless you want to get a makeup application done, they can't be bothered. I much prefer ordering MAC products online because I know what I want and no one hassles me.

    I picked up Immortal Flower as well (and the Sweet and Sour lipstick)! I'm excited to try it. I'm going to go pick up the package today :)

    1. It definitely is a struggle, especially if you don't "look the part". I'll stroll up to the MAC counter after working a 14 hour overnight shift, looking like a hot mess in sneakers and workout clothes and some MUAs wouldn't take me seriously. Little do they know, most counters in the area are on a first name basis with me.

      You're going to love Immortal Flower, though! Let me know how Sweet and Sour works for you - I forewent the lippies in this launch because lustres never fare well on me =(


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