Review - Darling Girl Cosmetics Sassy Sakura DuoChrome Blush

Friday, May 31, 2013

Note - I received this product as part of a discounted kit of review sized samples. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for review. If you have any questions, seek my disclosure statement in my disclosure tab.

I may or may not be totally hooked on Darling Girl cosmetics. I've yet to meet a product from the bran that I haven't liked - and given the amount of products that have crossed my desk from the brand, that's a pretty great ratio! I'm totally loving anything that has been sent my way; and I may or may not have a whole wishlist saved on my computer!

So lets jump on board with Sassy Sakura, shall we?

The left swatch is heavily swatched and the right is blended out.

After playing with this blush, I kind of wish I had included in with my Top 5 Summer Blushes, as it definitely fits! Sassy Sakura is described as a "light pastel pink with blue to violet shift". On my skin, its a little less pastel than anticipated, but it definitely is on the lighter end of the spectrum. The shift that the shade has to it is very stunning. My camera is not usually all too great at capturing any kind of duochrome shift, but as you can see in the blended swatch there is a great amount of violet/blue shift and its absolutely beautiful. The best part is that the shift does translate well to the face.

At the surface, a loose pigment blush seems a bit intimidating. My fear was that it would be difficult to apply, but in reality, the blendability of this blush makes it a dream to apply. Yes, it is incredibly pigmented, but in turn it blends so easily that it's easy to blend and redistribute the product, which was super helpful.

In terms of wear time, it was on par with the average that I get from Darling Girl - nothing ridiculously longwearing, but its not going to fade right after you walk out the door. 



- Good pigmentation.
- Pronounced DuoChrome shift.
- Bright enough to be wearable on many skin tones.
- Blends well.


- Can be easy to overapply. 

While this one isn't pronounced at Holy Grail Status as Yes, Virginia was, it still is a phenomenal blush. The duochrome is incredibly stunning, and when you apply it in the right moderation, it is incredibly wearable.


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