Review - Maybelline Limited Edition Blush in Wild Blossom

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Maybelline's collection for Spring Fashion Week this year is neons/ this foreshadowing of the fashion world this spring? Hmm...

I'm not too much of a neon person (unless its a violet, them I'm "all about that life") so this blush, being a little less...well, neon, what all I hauled from this collection. - However, I saw Emi's at Project Swatch swatches of the Coral Burst shade and I might pick it up.

Hopefully that one performs a bit better.

Left is swatched heavily and right is blended out.

Wild Blossom is a lilac pink. Its a little pinker than what I felt it would have been, but its a nice shade against my skin regardless.


It is a friggin glitter BOMB. I'm okay with shimmer or a sheen but when you have tiny, gritty, silver micro-glitter in a product that I'm going to put intentionally on my cheeks its just not really a good time. I have large pores and I feel like this just accentuated my already problem skin. 

Not to mention, this blush neither applied easily, nor stuck around for more than 4 hours. I'll still use it because I like the shade, but I had much higher hopes for this one...



- Unique Lilac Pink shade.


- Glitter Bomb
- Gritty
- Short wear time
- Fussy application.

I wanted to love it. I tried to love it. My pores just hated it. Maybe I'll have better luck with Coral Burst, seeing as it is a completely different finish.


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