Review - Stila Lip Glaze Trio in Flower Power

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ever since Ulta revamped their rewards system, I've been a happy girl. Especially since I only had to pay $3 for this set!

I had $9 off, and this was $12 for three lip glazes. Since I'd never tried them before (nor anything by Stila in general), I thought "why the heck not".

Flower Power consists of three Lip Glazes in on trend spring hues.

From left to right there are; Peach Blossom, Pink Orchid and Lilac.

Peach Blossom.

In the tube, Peach Blossom looks WAY out of my comfort zone (because its FRIGGIN ORANGE) but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It sheers out quite a bit and when it mixes the natural tones of my lips it reads more of a sheer peachy coral than anything. Out of the three, this had the most amount of shimmer; there are silver micro-glitters throughout. This one has a light fruity fragrance/flavor that was not too overbearing.

 Pink Orchid.

Out of the three, Pink Orchid had the most strength of pigment. Given its a formulated to be a sheerer than average gloss, I did get a good amount of softened fuchsia pink when wearing this one. This one has a little less shimmer than Peach Blossom, more of a pearl finish than a shimmery one. This one has a fruity/floral kind of fragrance/flavor (it actually reminded me a whole lot of Victoria's Secret Love Spell). 


Lilac is the major reason that I bought this set. Its, well, Lilac, and thats 100% right up my alley. This is a sheerer and more wearable take on lilac with no discernible shimmer when worn. This one smelled a little grape-y to me (surprise right?) which kinda bummed me out. Overall, this shade is my favorite of the three (again, surprise right?)

I'm not, for the most part, much of a gloss person. I usually go for lipstick, as on average it wears longer and needs less touch up. If I'm out for shorter amounts of time or I'm just not feeling a lipstick, I'll occasionally opt for a gloss, and my stash is slowly growing.

While these aren't the stickiest glosses that I've come across, they are still on the stickier side of the spectrum. They don't have a whole lot of slip to them. However, what you are getting in stickiness is made up for in wear time. These gave me about three hours each, which is fairly long for glosses in terms of wear time for me.

The price (before my ridiculous discount) was what kinda made these for me. These are almost half of their original size (0.05 fl oz. versus 0.08 fl oz.), and the full sized ones retail for $22 each. That would roughly be $11 for one that is half size, and this retails for $12 for three half sized Lip Glazes, which is a pretty decent price.



 - Spring trend hues.
 - Decent wear time.
 - Three different finishes.
 - Fragrances were very minor.


 - A bit sticky.

It boils down to the fact that these were a good product, and definitely a good deal, but I'm just not 100% blown away by them. Definitely not enough to buy these in a full size for $22, but if I find another set like this with colors that I like, I'll probably partake.


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