Review - MAC Archie's Girls Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apparently, I'm a Veronica; both products I hauled from this collection were from the Veronica side of the collection. 

With MAC, any collection is fair game for how fast it will sell out, but given the limited edition packaging and all around cute factor of this collection it just really seemed to fly out the doors (I ran to MAC on my lunch break on the first day of the on counter release to purchase mine and by the time I left work that night I glanced in the window and all Veronica lipsticks were sold out at that location!). There is definitely a collector's item quality to these.

My camera, for unknown reason seemed to distort the shade a bit. Daddy's Little Girl is described on MAC's website as a "midtone pink violet". It does pull a bit more to the pinker side than violet, but it most definitely shares the cool, blueish tone that the violet brings. The finish of this shade is a Satin (which is best described as a demi-matte.)

In terms of formula and wear time, this one is literally a show-stopper. It wore for HOURS. No fading, maybe only becoming a slight bit less vibrant around the later hours (and by later hours, I'm literally talking about 5 or 6 hours.) Anyone who has been following my reviews for a while knows that this is literally un-real for me; needless to say, I'm quite a bit impressed. Unlike other longwearing lip products, it didn't migrate and leave a ring of color at my lip lines (so frustrating) and left a very even, and VERY flattering stain when I got home and removed it (because a lipstick this vibrant doesn't pair too well with my pjs..) No drying whatsoever and it did not cause my lips to peel either.

My only qualm about purchasing this from the get go was if I had something similar. This kind of shade is definitely not a stranger to me, so I decided to swatch it against some lipsticks in my collection already.

Again, the shades got SO distorted, but from L to R there are - MAC Daddy's Girl, MAC Outrageously Fun and Maybelline Hot Plum.

These shades have the "similar but different" quality, basically. Outrageously Fun was a touch more blue based and not as vibrant. It had a different finish on the lips (and bears mentioning that it was probably my favorite Cremesheen that I've tried by MAC- off topic, but definitely bears mentioning!) and was a little bit more of a "candy stain" like look to it. Hot Plum was a bit closer, but it pulled just a bit more vibrant and a very slight bit cooler toned. The finish of Hot Plum was also a little bit glossier and a slight bit sheerer. A lot of Daddy's Girl's intensity came from the satin finish, because it's general opacity and lack of glossiness. 

Overall - 


 - Intense pigmentation
 - Did not dry out lips
 - Left very even stain
 - Quite longwearing

 - Lets just hope they bring this back in another collection...another way of saying that I literally have no complaints!

I LOVE finding a product that I can muse about like this bad boy. 

10/10 - 100% Approved by MUIR for purchase!

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