Review - Milani Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Pencil

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Milani was a company that I never spent a whole lot of time thinking about until the past year. I don't know if I had equated it with brands that I didn't like, or didn't like the marketing at the time (when you work in retail, that kind of stuff BUGS you), but I really didn't give them the time of day.

Milani; I'm sorry. And I REALLY am making up for lost time because the brand has skyrocketed to my top favorite Drugstore brands due to basically phenomenal products across the board.

About late summer of last year Milani launched their Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Pencil in a range of 6 shades - 3 neutral and 3 jewel tones. Being the neutral hoarder that I am, I picked up Champagne Toast; a true neutral champagne shade.

The rest is history.

The Shadow Eyez range come in a average length, chunky pencil. The feel is similar to Urban Decay's version of the shadow pencil. And that swatch right there? One pass. I kid you not.

This is my go-to shadow base for a long workday. If I know I'm going to be pulling some crazy hours or doing a bit of manual labor, this is my weapon. It is opaque enough to use it on its own as a shadow for a more natural look, but I strongly prefer using it to amp up the pigment of my other shades. It gives them something to cling to and keeps 'em vibrant all day.

I strongly appreciate the wear claim on this one. 12 hours is feasible. Its not claiming a crazy 24 hours or anything like that (ahem, Maybelline?), so it actually achieves that wear claim of 12 hours. On my lids, thats nearly a miracle.

My only complaint is not with the product itself, but with the type of product in general. I. Hate. Shadow. Pencils. The application of this one is far easier than others I've tried because it blends without sliding, but I feel like pencils tug on and scratch at my lids. Sharpening is a tad bit of a pain, but in comparison this one kind of sharpened like a dream and I didn't lose much product. 



 - Good pigmentation.
 - Longwearing/meets wear claim.
 - Great base.
 - Blends easily, and dries quickly.


 - Can tug at the lid
 - Needs sharpening

This is a staple in my makeup stash. I'm also strongly considering trying a jewel tone in this; maybe Green Safari seeing as Emerald is the Color of the Year? At $7 its not too shabby.


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